Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Night Train parts 1 & 2 combined now under my stories tab

A few years ago, I went to a concert in Germany. I went with a friend, Paula, and my daughter, Jodie, and it was great, but the point of this story is not the concert itself: it was the return journey. 

It proved to be one of those experiences I will never forget, and I've written a kind of short story account of the journey, which is now under my short stories tab. It was here for a few days, but now I want to write another post and so I thought I should move it to a more appropriate spot. Even so, I'd really like to hear about some of your experiences with travelling at night, so....

Have you ever had a spooky night train ride? I'd love to hear about yours too!


  1. That is quite an eerie, spooky, dark evening . Chills.........

  2. Haha, Grace. It was very creepy. I might turn this into a proper short story. What do you think? This is what happened, so nothing too dangerous, but I could beef it up a bit for fiction, yes?

  3. What fun! (Though I know it didn't feel fun at the time.)

    Many years ago I was stuck on Rome station, overnight, with a friend. We wandered - then two soldiers led us to a train stuck in a siding, and showed us into a compartment. When station guards wandered past they got out, chatted, made sure no one saw us, then took us back to the station at daybreak. Sleeping at the station was, apparently, illegal - and they'd kept us safe all night. (So not all Italians are like Berlusconi!)

  4. I'm glad to read that you'll not be repeating that experience. Glad you both came through unscathed.

  5. I did the trip back and forth from the UK to Venice by train about 30 times by myself, starting at 19 years of age - been through some of these situations myself a few times! But the worst was the long bus ride from London to Athens - now there I have a few tales to tell!

  6. Jo, how very nice of those soldiers! Just goes to show there are some humane souls around!

    Ros, it could have been different, I know, but in fact, the creepiness was caused as much by the isolation we felt as much as anything else. Thanks for your empathy though x

    Janys, do tell!! I love hearing about other people's escapades. I had a few when I was a lot younger, but given that this was only a few years ago, I was highly amused by the policeman's assumptions x

  7. "Yes". It could make a great story.

  8. Thanks Grace! I've put it on my short stories page now, slightly edited. I'll probably remove this post soon now.


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