Saturday, October 13, 2012

Watery Ways is back on sale....

....In a new, improved and exciting edition.

I first published Watery Ways three years ago through As a self published book that had very little marketing, it didn't do badly, but marketing really is necessary if you want to gain readers and I never had the time. Now with the support of Boathook Books from Sunpenny Publishing, I'm hoping it will get that extra push. My dream is that Watery Ways in particular will give me a little more freedom from the daily grind - a little more freedom to write more and take to the waters more. It has been my dream since coming to the Netherlands and now I'm hoping it will start to happen - just a bit.

What I am very chuffed about with this new edition is the inclusion of several photos of the Oude Haven and the historic barges that are moored there. These photos are mainly Koos's, so as my long standing blogging friends will know, they are going to be good, but I think it gives more life to the book and I am convinced this edition is just an improvement all round.

I shall now have to devote some time to promoting it again, and I would very much like to do some talks at schools and barge associations connected to Dutch Barges. I'm intending to start making contact with people in the next weeks.

It would be great if it becomes something people will think of for a holiday read at the end of the year. I just need to get some good reviews on Amazon to get things moving. Wish me luck!  Sadly, I don't have Pete Townshend's extra something, otherwise I'd be after some TV spots too. Promoting your book is a tad easier when you already have the gleam of fame around least it looks that way!


  1. So exciting! I have no idea who has my copy, so I'll happily order myself a new and improved version.

    As for marketing, I will happily retweet anything you send along via Twitter. It's not a bad way to get new readers. :)

    On a completely different note, can you tell me if you're able to see my blog at all? I have this fear I've tinkered with the settings and made it invisible to all.


  2. Hi Val, I am very excited for you this is a great book that deserves to do well and be a number one best seller. I will think about the best way I can promote it for you. Xxx

  3. extra love and positive energy. x

  4. Thank you, Anne Marie, dear. There's a glitch with the Amazon links this end though. They tell me I cannot have it delivered to my 'default' address and it seems others are having the same problems. Sigh. On that note, no, your latest post does not show up in my blog list. I've been to your blog and I can access it, so I've read your lovely post and left a comment, but if you've changed anything lately, that might be the problem. I notice that as soon as I make any changes to the layout or permissions, then it takes a while for Blogger to sort itself out. xx

    Fran, thank you! If you have a book club or sailing club you think might be interested, let me know. I could send a 'club' copy! Alternatively, I can provide all the links if people want to have a looksee. xx

    Grace, bless you and thanks my friend! xx

  5. The book sounds fascinating. I had several most enjoyable canal boat holidays in the UK. Not sure if the boats are the same as yours but there's an intricate network of canals throughout the country.

  6. Thanks stopping by, Rosalind! Welcome to this blog spot :) Yes, the English canals are wonderful, and I would just LOVE to have a canal holiday there. Over here, everything is much bigger due to the continuing commercial traffic. If you scroll down about three posts from this one, you will see what we often share our water space with - and it's still just a canal! Not nearly so intimate and friendly as the English canals, but wonderful all the same :)

  7. Ooh, a new edition. Very cool and exciting Val.

    I shall retweet aswell. I will have get myself over to Twitter!
    Promote, promote, promote!


  8. Thank you Grace!! I am grateful for any referrals :)

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