Sunday, September 16, 2012

And now for something different....

I've written a new story in my 'proverb' series. This one is based on the saying "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush".  I'm pretty happy with it, in fact, but am getting my two best critics to read it first before I present it to my real public, the bevy of small nieces and nephews I seem to be accumulating. And who knows, after them, the rest of the world?

I'm also hoping Jodie will be able to illustrate it for me, or maybe even Mo as she is very talented at drawing animals, and she's absolutely  brilliant at cartoons.

Then tomorrow, I'm hoping to write some more of my Breeding Eccentrics tale, as I really need to get that out.

I read a good article the other day about the important things to remember when writing and publishing, and one of the key points is to have plenty of material out there. I don't really have enough, it seems, so I need to get writing and get more on Kindle.  What I don't know is whether it's best to stick to the same genre. I have children's stories, teen fiction, memoirs and am in the middle of adult fiction. Am I being a bit too eclectic I wonder? Or would the readers of the Horse that Smiled be likely to read the Skipper's Child as they got older and then Watery Ways as adults...maybe I'm building a readership for's a thought anyway.

Changing the subject abruptly, the other thing I'm busy with is teaching myself to play the violin. I'm still at the stage where the sounds I make probably constitute a serious breach of the peace, and the cats in the area are fearing for their lives, so I only dare to practise at the little house, but I do love it!

Anyone would think I suddenly have time on my hands, wouldn't they? Regrettably, that's not the case. I am just squeezing these extras into the cracks between curriculum design, lesson planning, and teaching itself. It's very, even hectically, busy at the moment.

I must say I would give a lot to cut down the teaching - not because I don't like it, but because I have so many other things I like doing as much, if not more. Ah well, Watery Ways is due out pretty soon...maybe that will be my foot out of the door!


  1. Nothing wrong with switching genres. I know plenty of authors who dabble in different things, even with the same pen name. My own angle so far has been to redefine a genre, or invent one. I keep hashtagging #rockfiction. We'll see if it works in the end. :) I say got for it in all the different ways you can.

    I wanted to recommend a book to you: Home of the Brave, by Kathy Applegate, is for children, but I love it. It is filled with African proverbs and traces the journey of an immigrant 11 year old African boy from the refugee camps to Minnesota. Beautiful, lyrical, and very sweet. I know you would smile and well up with tears in many places.

    Violin, eh? You never cease to amaze me.

  2. The Book World is your Oyster, Val!!

    The Violin, wow, that's brilliant. You are the Cat whisperer? ;) lol. kidding. I am super impressed, that is not an easy instrument to pick up and learn. Bet you will be mastering it in no time. Life is about enjoying and doing the things you love. You inspire. xo

  3. Anne Marie, thank you! I'll keep plugging away :) And I'll definitely look up Home of the Brave. Sounds judt up my street, alley or dirt track, whichever one fits xx

    Thank you too, Grace. I have long wanted to be able to play celtic music on the violin, so I thought I'd better not leave it too long! It's not an easy instrument, you are right. Just holding it properly is the most challenging part at the moment! I'll keep you posted!

  4. It sounds as if you are already good at the fiddle. What with fiddling with ideas and schedules etc.
    Very best of luck with the violin.

  5. i always wanted to learn how to play the violin as a kid. i got a guitar instead. loved that, because i could sing along! later.. when a friend of mine tried to learn how to play the violin i realised how hard it is. Still love the instrument, but can't put so many hours in, practising... since i also, like you, have too many things i like to do! and yes... neighbours in our appartment building won't appriciate it!!! haha!!! The book is still here if you want it... (labyrint) might want to take it with you after visiting our baby and eat beschuit met muisjes! not long now!! X

  6. Thank you, Mel. I've always enjoyed fiddling about :)

    Simone!! How lovely to see you! I've heard a little bit about what's been keeping you at bay lately, so do please, please take care of yourself!! I hope we will see each other very soon, but understand why it cannot be just yet. Big hugs xx

  7. Ah... so this is the new children's book you mentioned.

    And you have a fan group of 'all' your books over here :)


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