Sunday, September 23, 2012

The return of the Snails - A day to remember

A couple of weeks ago, we learned that our friends of the Wandering Snail had confirmed their arrangements for their return to Europe after a gap year in the UK that had not proved to be all too happy. Quite apart from the fact they had not wanted to go in the first place, a number of very unpleasant and stressful incidents meant that they decided to come back as soon as they could.

Yesterday, the truck that took them from Terneuzen in Zeeuws Vlaanderen to England in October last year brought them back again. We packed our bags in Rotterdam and drove down to welcome them home again, but the real welcome came this morning when we finally sailed the Hennie Ha out of the harbour in Sas van Gent and cruised up the huge canal towards Terneuzen to meet them.

This was our first real trip out in the Hennie Ha for three years and it felt fantastic to be out on the water again sharing space with the huge barges and sea-going ships that regularly pass us on their way to Ghent.

 There isn't any more I can say that the photos can't, so as every picture tells a story, I'll let them do just that


  1. Aside from the urge to put some Rod Stewart on, I think the reunion is just lovely.


  2. The photos are fantastic Val and isn't each worth at least ten thousand words :)

  3. ..ditto AM for the Rod Stewart music...
    Photos tell it all.


  4. Lovely photos and obviously a happy reunion. And this is where the world gets smaller! Some good friends of ours, Sue and Andy were moored up with Wandering Snail, and by all accounts got to know each other quite well. They have asked that you pass on their good wishes please xxxx

  5. It's great to see the Hennie Ha having a real outing :)

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments. It really was a great day, a top day in fact.

    Anne Marie and Grace, RS would have sounded good on board! Very fitting in fact :)

    Mel, for once, I agree :) Being somewhat fond of words, I always hope I can conjure up the images in people's minds, but this was a photo opportunity not to be missed.

    Fran, I have passed the message on, thank you! What a small world indeed!

    Stu, yes, it was really worth the wait when it actually happened! Remember last May? That was painful...

  7. That was such a good day and it's sooo lovely to be back.


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