Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Sometimes there's so much going on I don't know what to write because I can't say it all. It feels like a lull, but in fact it's quite the opposite.

I've posted so much about my leaky bottom of late, I'm sure everyone's sick of the photos of the same old view, so I'm a bit reluctant to put up any more now. The same is true of the Hennie H. However, we have been working very hard on our respective projects, and I'm pleased to say that today I finally got the bed back together and have made a good start on painting. Pictures will come when there's more to show.

I think quite enough has already been said about the World Cup, and I'm very glad it's now over. I'm a bit tired of all the lambasting the Dutch team have had about the way they played, though. I think much of it is unfair and way too harsh. Since I'm neither Dutch nor Spanish and have no vested interest either way, I think I can say that!

I always used to enjoy following Wimbledon, but I don't even know who was playing this year, because of the WC, and I've only just heard that Serena Williams won the women's title. Shame. Not that she won of course, but that I missed it all...

I've also missed following the cricket news...and was thrilled to hear England did so well against the Aussies in the one day series.

The weather. Now there's a good subject! It's been pretty good this summer so far, with near tropical temperatures. I've just left four of my favourite people having a drink on the terraces over the way to let Sin out of an oven-like ship. I was sorry to leave them, but would have been even sorrier to find my pooch shrivelled up with the heat.

The four concerned are marvellous Marion (whose marathon runs I've blogged about before), up for a quick visit from Spain; Miriam, another friend whose work conceiving, building and running a centre for vocational education in Ghana is amazing. I admire her so much. Then there's Jacq, a former much-loved colleague at one of the language centres. She lives here but I don't know why, I never see her except when others come to visit. My fault entirely. Too busy with these boats I suppose. Then finally, there's the incredible Eveline, another colleague, but with a great big difference. Just for starters, she is the only person I've ever met with a degree in rock music, and now she says she's off to France on Friday, but not in your normal way. She's cycling there via the Ardennes. Good luck Evie!! Really special friends, all of them.

Marion and Jacq

Jacq and Miriam

Evie and Miriam

Tomorrow is Jodie's birthday, so the family are descending on me here. Koos is actually extracting himself from Zeeland to join the fun. Another big event is that Mo and Craig have the most gorgeous cocker spaniel puppy called Charlie who we have to try and introduce to Sindy at some stage. Since she's not known for her sweetness and light with other dogs, we'll have to aim for a quick course in desensitization

There are lots of other things going on too, but the main aim in my life at the moment is to have the Vereeniging ready of Anne Marie and Austin's visit at the end of next week. I'm really looking forward to seeing them.

As I've sat here on the back deck typing, the temperature has cooled and I even have goose bumps on my arms. Perhaps this is the moment to stop rambling and go inside. Time for some chores, methinks!


  1. Wow, you are a busy bee. Nice to see old friends, isn't it? We are in Firenze, managed to sneak into the Uffizi museum tonight as they were opened until 10 pm and had no real line to speak of. We are quite excited about coming in a week and a half, too. Remember not to overdo it.

    I hope Sin meets up alright with Charlie. I do remember what my old Sheba was like.


  2. a Lull, that was a jam packed post Val! All good it sounds though. And you are seeing Anne Marie soon, oh very cool. Don't forget to take pictures you guys ;).
    I wish a good meeting with Sin and
    Charlie, but remember, can't force them to be friends. And you will know when the time is right. And being male and female it may work out, always a better pairing than female and female dogs. a positive experience is what you strive for :). Oh, I read something interesting, that when a dog is visiting in another home, the dog who lives there should have the free roam of the place, the visitor should be more restrained, like a yard or something, to keep the order in place. Yummy special treats could work for Sin, so when she sees Charlie she gets that one special treat. Ok, rambled enough.
    take care, glad the weather is more pleasant for you now.

  3. Well, it's good to hear you are enjoying the summer weather (unbelievable for Holland,isn't it?) and the visit of your friends.
    I agree with you - getting bombarded with the whole WK thing, Wimbledon this year came and went -as we say in Spanish- "without any glory". I think Rafa won, but that's about all I managed to hear, really.
    Stay cool! :D

  4. congratiolations, hope your daughter has a great birthday!! good luck with finishing up the vereeniging!

  5. Hi Val,

    it's boiling outside, inside and everywhere, therefore I can't write a long comment.
    I'm heat-lazy (ha,ha a new word?)
    Great to hear your summer is running well. I'm comming back if it's colder later this year. Have a great day.
    Love Stefan xx

  6. I too am glad the World Cup is over. Being in Toronto you can't get away from it - even when away from the media thanks to cars touting country or team flags.

    It seems to be boiling everywhere. It's unbelievably hot in Toronto and it seems to be helping Anne Marie's garden much better than mine!

    Good luck with the dogs. Grace has some good advice and she should know!

    I can't believe July is almost half over. I don't mind in one way tho because my house is crowded with three ESL students - two from Korea and one from Spain (who has been hooting and hollering this week for obvious reasons). At the end of the month two leave.

    I wish I was there with you, Koos, Anne-Marie and Austin. I can't wait to read blog posts from both of you - and yes with lots of pictures!

    I promise to put up a new blog soon. It's been so busy here too.

  7. It was great to read your lovely post and catch up with all the news. Life is all about family and friends, that's what makes it such fun. Please post some pictures of the dogs soon, I am sure that Sindy is lovely, but as you know cocker spaniels have a special place in my heart!!!! Happy birthday Jodie x

  8. Great to hear you have had something other than bottoms to deal with! I'm afraid my blog is closed down - temporarily - but if you (and Fran) can contact me I can tell you a bit more. Meanwhile enjoy the good weather - here we have been gently stewing in a 31°C (ish) with a nice 65% humidity. Yuk.....

    Big Venice party coming up this weekend - the Redentore - so there is a lot of frantic discussion of menus and where to sit for the best view. I think we will be about 14 of us at the most recent head count. I am up for the spicy prawn sauce for the pasta - and some grilled peppers I think.

    Take care and be in touch soon
    Janys x

  9. Thanks everyone, I'll keep you posted with developments about the dogs!

    Fran, Sindy has her own blog. She hasn't posted for a while, but will again soon. The address is http://adogz.blogspot.com. You might like to drop in and see her. I'll make sure I post a pic of little Charlie soon though.

    Grace, thanks for the tips! I'll remember those...very useful to know. We are going to try and take them for a walk together on Friday.

    Lesley, thanks for the newsy comment too. You are always so busy I know, so I do appreciate your coming here.

    Aledys, so nice to see you here too! Thanks for the visit!

    Simone, you'll be one of the first to see the new and improved Vereeniging, that's a promise.

    Stefan, I do hope it cools down for you soon...I love your new word! I have to say I love the heat, but then you know that! Learn to play cricket..that will keep you fit but not too hot!

    And Anne Marie, it's only 10 days now. Great you are having such a grand time there in Italy! Savour it ;-)

  10. It sounds like you are still very busy. Boat fixing in this heat can't be too much fun. At least it has cooled down a little.

    I hope Jodie had a great birthday :)

  11. Good luck on your walk today. Let me know how it goes, ok Val?

  12. Sounds like you are having a busy, but lovely summer...wish I was there to have a drink with you and Anne-Marie! x


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