Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The first goal

If you play this video clip I filmed just after the first goal, and turn the sound up to triple the volume, you'll have an inkling of the uproar in the harbour tonight. Yes, folks it's the semi final between NL and Uruguay and of course, I support our guys in their endeavours...of course I do...(pinches arm..yes, Val, you do),although I don't need to watch it or hear it quite like this to give my support. Even so, I have to say it don't I? Go Oranje Go!!!!

Wish me luck when it's over. It's going to be chaos whether they win or lose....


  1. Peter sailing somewhere off south coast, had to watch the match so that I could keep him up to date with score by text. Have to say it was a thrilling game right up to the last minute (all 95 of them!!!). COME ON HOLLAND!!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this. After the game was over they had reporters on one of the streets in Toronto and there was a similar noise. In this town (the sister town is Amsterdam) people are painting it Oranje. Woo Hoo!

  3. Don't fight it, Val, go with the flow :D

    Couldn't listen with the noise because it's so late, but will do tomorrow!

    Go Oranje!!!

  4. Holy Moly you aren't kidding about the noise.!! Those are some really excited fans. Good luck with some sleep and the game. And some rest for Sin. The fog rolled in here, and made it so nice and cold :)


  5. :))))))
    Nightmare!!! But I always love seeing good support for sport ... or maybe in this case... hearing support. Sounds as if a lot of people were very happy. Can't be bad.
    But I still bet you will be happy when things calm down a bit!

  6. Were you able to get any sleep last night? We were watching at home and we heard random car horns and such late into the night.

  7. Hi Val,
    I am looking forward to a final with Germany, although it would equally be nice to see Spain play them, as neither have won before.


  8. Thanks all! I did eventually get to sleep...I suppose it must have been about 3 a.m, so not as bad as I thought, although I think by that time, I was so tired, I'd have slept even if had been WW3 ;-)

    I have to say it was great to see and hear everyone so happy, and of course, I am thrilled the Oranje team have made it to the final..next best thing after SA..haha. Still, I think I'll be beating a retreat on Sunday anyway..

    Lesley, you said on FB if you can't beat them join them. I'm afraid I've never been a crowd lover, so that wasn't an option for me. I was quite content to sit and watch from the safety of my back deck.

    Maria, there's no point in fighting it, I know, so go with the flow, I must ;-)

    Fran and Janys, I hope you will both support NL in the final analysis! I don't know if I'll be able to bear to watch it. I'm no good at tension busters and cliff hangers, but I'm hoping myself it will be Spain because they've not been there before so the playing field will be level so to speak!

    Grace, holy moly just about sums it up..lol..they were and are really excited about Saturday now! So glad you're cooler again xx

    Stu, yes, eventually! It didn't keep me awake after I got really tired...and I'd put a gate on the loopplank. Wee hour visitors are the worst disturbance and as I didn't have any due to my precautions, it was just dandy!

    Anne Marie, I'd love to say I hope Germany get through, but knowing how often they've won and have the psychological advantage, I hope it's time for someone else!

  9. Vally... I have to admit that I will very carefully have to weigh up the risk between making my Spanish neighbour and her family unhappy and upsetting you all those miles away in Rotterdam. Forgive the mercenary approach!!

  10. That's fabulous, Val!
    What energy and support Rotterdam has for its team!
    I haven't followed the WC at all - not quite my schtick, but I've been privy to lots of the action.
    Too bad they weren't able to pull their socks up... so to speak.

    ...that's all I see when I watch the game - legs and knee socks.

    I can now see (and hear) why you call Oude Haven your "port in the storm"!


  11. Oh, wait. Do I have it wrong?
    I thought they lost...

    like I say, I'm not a true follower

  12. LOL Dale, I'm not a follower at all...I just can't avoid it, so as your sister says, if you can't beat them...

    Anyhow, they won!Go Oranje, go!

  13. sunday awaits, I might watch in your honour Val!!

  14. I can imagine the festive mood in a big city like Rotterdam. Here where I live in the forgotten east, everyone was in bed at 2:30 sharp after whole 5 minutes of cheering and noise ;)
    Hup, Holland, hup!!

  15. Thanks Grace and Aledys, Lesley too. I have taken a break from watching the game. I can't bear the tension...;-(

  16. I love how they spell oranje!

  17. Sorry Val, I can imagine that your surroundings weren't that loud later last night...

  18. Ok, well devastation and disbeleif all round in NL today. A very subdued bunch of cloggies they are.

    Still, someone had to lose and the upside is the Spaniards are probably all declaring national holidays for the next year....

    There are lots of divided opinions about the play, but it wasn't a pretty game from either side, and the fact that the only goal was scored right at the end of half an hour's extra time was a huge disappointment for many. I refuse to accept Spain was the better team. I think they were even stevens. Yep, the Dutch were (sometimes overly)agressive in their attack, but boy can those Spaniards play act the drama queens. Such a shame for the end of the World Cup.

    Never mind Oranje, you did great to get to the final anyway. The European Championships are coming up soon...that's nearly as good ;-)

    Just let me escape to Zeeland again before you start!

    And anyway...psssst...it's only a game!


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