Friday, July 16, 2010

A doggy interlude

Today, we had a memorable day for two reasons, one of which was the Vereeniging came home to the Oude Haven after spending a year in the neighbouring Haringvliet. Everything went well, the electric starter worked like a dream, and we arrived back in our old home without incident. It's good to be back...

The second reason was that Sindy (s'not fair) bin met Charlie (I'm the cutest) pup for the first time today, and as the pictures below show, no problems ensued. Much to our relief, I must admit. I have to say it was largely thanks to Charlie, who adopts a 'roll over and die' attitude at the drop of a hat. He came back to the Luxor with us and decided the best thing to do was to pretend to die thoroughly. That way he could have a good kip without interference from his big Aunty sin.

Charlie (i'm a dead dog) pup enjoying a rest on the Luxor.

Charlie (i'm the cutest) pup during our walk today.

Sin and Charlie a.k.a Little and large or Black and Tan, waiting to cross the road

And these pics below are a couple that Koos took of Sindy today when we were just about to go out. She has this look of desperation that we are rather used to now. It's the "you're not going to leave me are you?" look. Koos has captured her expession so perfectly, I had to post these too.


  1. Hi Val, what an adorable pair of dogs. I think Sindy looks fantastic and can't wait to see her sweet face again. I get such homesickness for our animals that I smile and pet every dog and cat I can find on holiday. I do feel sorry for the italian dogs as it is so hot here and the poor things are outside being walked on this humidity.

    You can pick my brain at will next week, although I suspect all that will fall out is mozzarella and wine at this point.


  2. Val, Charlie IS adorable. Sin is so big compared to him, maybe that helped with him rolling over and playing dead, he realized holy cow this one can put me right into her mouth! So happy they got along well, that is terrific, and will continue as Charlie continues to age.
    Koos did capture Sin's expression, I can totally see the question in her head. Does she have separation issues? Thoroughly enjoyed these photos, especially the one of little Charlie in the background of Sin towering over him. B)


  3. hi vally. sorry i haven't been commenting for a bit, but as you have read in hubby's blog, we have been busy emptying the old house in björköby. we are almost done now, but that doesn't mean we can start relaxing and enjoying our vacation. now hassse has to start building a new roof on the old shed in our backyard. yesterday we had a big birthday party for our baby who turned 18. beginning of next week we are going to see my family "up north", so there's constantly something going on.
    anyway, i'm glad the vereeniging is back where it belongs after all the work you've put into it lately.
    take care!

  4. Wonderful, thank you. They are both obviously very happy dogs, look at them smiling. I am glad that Sindy found such a good home with you, I hate animal cruelty in any form. It is good that they get on, perhaps you can now swap dog sitting duties with your daughter (although I can guess who will get the better end of the deal!!!!)

  5. Oh, and I forgot to congratulate you on getting back 'home', well done. xxx

  6. Beautiful pics Val - gorgeous looking dogs :)

  7. Charlie is a cutie! Our cat Ace Face gets the similar look as Sindy - for him it has to do with too many guests or moving of furniture or (packing bags) It is amazing that a look from an animal can convey GUILT.

    HOW DARE YOU MOVE THE COUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! ...and of course we get punished for days on end. ;-)

  8. Cutest shot of the dogs! What an adorable thing Charlie seems to be, playing dead and all! Same goes for Sin, who can resist that face? :D

  9. Haha Anne Marie, Mozarella and wine sound like the perfect substances to keep the brain box fed and lubricated xx

    Grace, it was a relief that all was well, but we'll still take int gently. I don't want to assume it will always be alright just yet. Given Charlie's nature though, I'm quietly optimistic!xx

    Ingela, you sound even busier than I am. Congratulations to Ian on his 18th! I hope you don't have to work too hard before you get to go on holiday, but enjoy it when you go and I shall think of you out on the Archipelago there enjoying your glorious long summer evenings.xx

    Thanks Fran, Charlie is a real heart winner I must say, and considering Sindy's traumatic start in life, she is a really lovely girl.

    Thank you too, Destiny and Aledys. Sindy has the most expressive face with the full range of possible emotions.

    String, yes!! I know exactly what you mean when it comes to cats. They express their feelings in every part of their body down to the last twotch of a whisker. A cat's back can speak volumes can't it?

  10. That's so cute. It's great to see them getting along. Not that I can't imagine them not getting along.

    I've not met Charlie but I know Sin is a softy at heart :)

  11. optimism is the first step Val. Keeping them buds as Charlie grows up is the best bet. Showing him that Sin is the one in charge, you should never have an issue. That is what I hope for them anyway.


  12. Val, they look so cute together!
    It appears as though Sindy has accepted Charlie to an extent. Pics can be misleading, though. I guess time will tell.

    It must be nice to have your beloved Vereeniging back again.
    I can even type the word "Vereeniging" quickly without too many "ee"s and "ing"s all in the wrong places... ;)

    I hope Jodie had a great birthday party, too. How old is she now?
    I still think of her as the little girl in "African Ways"!

    Oh, and it must have been nice to have Koos home from his toils over in Zedland, as well!


  13. Stu, Sindy's a softie with people, but she's really scared of other dogs, and usually believes that the best form fo defence is attack. Still, as long as the little guy doesn't irritate her, they do fine.

    Grace, we're keeping that optimism, but as you said and as I've just said to Stu, puppies can irritate older dogs, and Sin is no exception. She's grumbled at him a couple of times for being annoying, but nothing serious.

    Dale, time will certainly tell with the dogs. They look so sweet together though, it's true.
    Yes, it's great to have the Vereeniging back...and Koos too now and then ;-)

  14. as long as it's just a grumble, I am sure Charlie is taking the cues from big Sin. Have a great time with Anne Marie :)

  15. Sin is lovely! so expressive! And little Charlie is quite the actor (good looking, too!).

    cheers to you and Anne-Marie!

    -ginab and bea bea


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