Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Hoop

The roef where I lived. This was the only habitable part of the Hoop when I stayed on board

This is the Hoop. Well, that's not what it's called anymore but it is the Hoop, my Hoop, the beautiful Luxe Motor I so happily lived on for a year and a half between January 2001 and August 2002. To my mind, it is still the most elegant and lovely motor barge I have seen and known and when I look at it, I am filled with warm, nostalgic memories.

I dare not go inside now. The lovely roef where I lived, which was all so original, has been ripped out and replaced by a new version, re-modelled as a kitchen (so I believe). I can hardly bear to think of it. Apparently it has been very well done, but even so, it seems wrong to me to take out all the lovely old panelled cupboards and fittings, even it it has been replaced in the same style.

I know I'm being sentimental, but it is also about the history of the barge, not just my feelings. Nevertheless, seeing it on the slipway here is still good, and I know the people who bought it from Philip care for it very well. They haven't committed the sacrilege I have with the Vereeniging in replacing the old engine with a newer version, for the Hoop still has its original Kromhout. It sounds wonderful too.

The photos above show it as it is today with its new name, but to me it will always be my Hoop, the Hoop that gave me such hope.


  1. What a beautiful name the barge had when you lived on it. It's among the most beautiful words in any language, because of all that it signifies.

    I can fully understand your feelings when you see it now.

  2. She really is beautiful, but perhaps you are right to keep your precious memories in tact. It was the start of a whole new life for you, don't spoil those days. There are plenty of other poshed up boats to look at!

  3. What a sweet tribute, Val. It does have a beautiful shape.


  4. Even the word, "Kromhout", sounds lovely, Val!
    I know from your tales of Watery Ways how fond you are of the Hoop. I understand how you'd be reluctant to board it again, knowing your fond memories might be dashed in an instant by a bright new kitchen!
    I remember visiting my grandparents' house years after they had passed and it was sold - it looked nothing at all like what was etched in my memory. It was like I wasn't in the same place at all!
    No matter, I still remember how it was and that's where it remains.
    Nothing like keeping great memories close and having reminders at the end of the gangplank! So to speak...

  5. What a nice ship and beautiful lines! I can imagine your feelings.

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  7. Val, such a great barge, you must be have a good time at the Hoop.
    Stefan xx

  8. Sweet memories ;-)
    Were'n we young!

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  10. i can see what you mean, but i would be too curious not to go in and have a look at it today...

    i'm obviously different from most people, but it seems i don't get attached to and sentimental about places as such. for me, it's the feeling of sharing a special moment with someone that matters, not where it happens, if you see what i mean.
    this will probably change the day we decide to sell this house... ;)

    anyway, thanks again for your nice comments. they mean so much.

  11. Kromhout, Fernhout, Houtzager, the bits of hout (wood) run our lives, it seems.

  12. Beautiful looking barge - I agree with Fran it would be best to keep your memories in tact ;)

  13. Thank you all. I'm glad you also find the Hoop so lovely, and yes Maria, the name was lovely too. Watery Ways was my tribute to the Hoop indeed, Dale, and however they have changed it, I do love to see it still.

    Fran, you made me smile with your 'poshed up boats'. Yes, that is what has happened to the Hoop too. Everything is now a bit too straight, because all the old wood, even the beautiful old wheelhouse, has been replaced by new. Even the top of the hatches are all straight, and I used to love the way they dipped in the middle as if following the line of the hull.

    Hans, you are right. The hull does have lovely lines still, and Ingela, let me know how you feel if you ever sell your house. I have a sneaking suspicion it might be harder than you expect, especially after all the work you've put into it ;-)

    Anne Marie, Grace, Stefan and Destiny, thanks for your kind words! And Koos, yes we were soooo young then, weren't we? ;-) I like the woody bits too!

  14. Hello Val, you are the sweetest!
    I am so thankful to have you in my life. xox

  15. you're probably right there, vally :)

  16. As I said on Wedensday, I don't know why they would want to rip everything out and replace it.


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