Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lows and Highs

Two important happenings to report in the smaller scheme of things, being my life: the first is the progress on my bottom....Yes, I know I've worn that joke a bit thin now, but the thing is it really is the bottom of my ship I'm talking about and not the floor, which is not the bottom. See?

Well, to put that behind me (there I go again), I have made a lot of progress, although not as much as I would have liked, I must confess. I was really hoping to have the floor completely back in by now and the water tanks fixed. Unfortunately, the whole length of the bottom of the hull has been affected by the leaky tank, so it's meant scraping, cleaning and oiling much more than I had anticipated. What it amounts to then is that with the help of Mo, Jodie and Koos at various times, I've done more than I thought I'd ever have to do but there's still more to be done....ok, enough of that now. The bottom line (:-))is that there's still a way to go before I can start painting and re-installing fittings and furnishings. Oh by the way, this was the low part as you might have guessed by now.

The high of the week was on Sunday night when I went to see Crowded House for the second time. They were playing at a large venue in Amsterdam, and thanks to the kindness of a friend of mine who organised the tickets (thanks Suze!!), we were in the front row. Mo came too and we had the great pleasure of watching Neil Finn and co at their very best. What a fantastic concert it was. Their interaction with the audience was so spontaneous and entertaining, it made for a huge amount of feelgood atmosphere. They even had a couple of kids from the audience up on stage with them, racing Mark Hart from one side of the stage to the other, and playing instruments with them too.

The funniest thing was that one of the little boys could actually play the piano and totally de-railed everything when he started playing Bohemian Rhapsody. Queen at a Crowded House concert? They took it as they should - with wry good humour and plenty of fun. All in all, really great stuff with lots of laughs,not to mention all those gorgeous Finn songs and a great performance by all concerned. That was a real high.

Set List
1. I Feel Possessed
2. Saturday Sun
3. Private Universe
4. Say That Again
5. Fall At Your Feet
6. Amsterdam
7. We Need a Prime Minister
8. Either Side of the World
9. Even a Child
10. Four Seasons in One Day (Snippet of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody at end)
11. Nails in My Feet
12. Isolation (with Sharon Finn)
13. Message To My Girl (Split Enz cover)
14. Chocolate Cake
15. Something So Strong
16. Locked Out
17. Don't Dream It's Over
18. Distant Sun
19. It's Only Natural
20. Encore:
20. Weather With You
21. She Called Up
22. Better Be Home Soon


  1. As far as the low is concerned it is great that your nearest and dearest are fully behind (!) you and following up the rear (!)with support. Hope you crack (!) the problem soon. (Sorry couldn't resist!) I love Crowded House and would love to see them live, lucky you, sounds a really good evening.

  2. Lol Fran, I thought I'd bottomed out on all those low jokes....I think I've been rear ended here ;-) Aha, another CH fan..next time I'll get you a ticket too..they were brilliant!

  3. I always loved CH in my younger days- did not know they were still touring. My favourite is Don't Dream, It's Over, which is always on rotation on the shuffle. They had such a knack for melodies, the Finns.

    Glad you got to the bottom of your problems. ;)


  4. IT's good that you have some fun stuff to do amongst all the hard work

  5. I wanted to add how cute the photo of young Sindy is on your profile pic. Looking forward to scritching her ears in a few weeks.


  6. You lucky dog you - (oh wait, that's a pic of Sindy!!)

    I love CH and have never seen them. I listened to them alot when I was touring their native NZ.

    Good luck with your boat!


  7. So, the floor is really the top of the bottom, then...
    And the bottom line is lower than the water line?
    Aha! Six months in a leaky boat?

    But it is good to know your bottom will be in tip-top shape before long, and all that elbow grease will pay off.

    The concert sounds like a great time, too. I love it when the audience is included.
    And well it should be - without the audience, they would be playing to the wind.
    Not that that is a bad thing, but it won't pay the bills!

    Sounds like life on the canals is up and down with the tides, as usual.


  8. great photos. I didn't even know Crowded House performed anymore, B)!

    thanks for your support. xx

  9. Hi Val,

    such great pictures you made. I haven't any CD from this band, but I will be research.
    Here is a video:


    Do you know it?
    Great you had a good time. The first row feeling is the best.
    Love Stefan xx

  10. Thanks Anne Marie, CH are still making great music, and Sin says she's looking forward to seeing you too.

    Stu, there's always time for some fun...after all, look what a lovely evening you guys gave me!

    Lesley, you should try and see them even now. They put on such a great show and the music is superb

    LOL Dale, yes to all of your deductions! I like your thinking, and of course remembering six months in a leaky boat....chapeau!

    Grace, thank you too dear. I'm amazed you find the time to come here. You have enough on your plate.

    Stefan, I wanted to ask you what settings you put your Lumix on when you take concert photos, because yours are so much better than mine and you use the same camera! If you can tell me I'd be very grateful, but thanks for saying nice things about my pics anyway. You're a dear!

  11. Beautiful pictures of the concert here, Val! I'm very happy to hear that the lows in your week were balanced with the highs.

  12. I didn't know CH were still touring lol and being an aussie that is a disgrace lol they are a great band brings back some wonderful memories ;)


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