Friday, May 14, 2010

The Vereeniging's new face

A couple of weeks ago, Mo and Craig moved off the Vereeniging and onto their own ship the Marion Aagje. The wonderful part of that is that I get the Vereeniging back again, and also have the chance to give it a new look before moving back on board.

This last week, I've been gathering tools and material ready for the big smoosh up, but yesterday, I hit the first glitch. Unfortunately, the water pump had sprung a leak and because it is hidden behind a wall, no one noticed it. The water seeped inexorably under the insulation beneath the carpet, through the floorboards and below to the bottom.

Yesterday, while I was sanding the floor, getting it ready to be painted, I found the results. Sadly, a couple of the floorboards have rotted, so today was spent firstly buying some new wood to replace them and secondly, extracting a very soggy board and some even soggier insulation that was underneath it. Now, I shall leave it all to dry out before replacing the two boards that are affected. Luckily the weather is warming up so I'm hoping it won't take too long.

The photos below are ones Koos took just before we took up the rotten wood (strange to see it so empty), but you can see the patch I have been prodding at!

Here is a photo of what it looked like before I handed over to Mo and Craig.

Watch out for Stage 2 next week.....if I get the time, that is. Somehow, I don't think I'm going to be rushing this job. It's great not to have to live in the mess while I'm doing it!


  1. Oooooh - my fears rising in my gut again! Damp! Infiltration.... agh!

    Look forward to more postings of your interior decorating. I see you have those lovely tiles with a screw to hold them up like Rebecca and Michel do.

    Take care and take it easy-peasy-slowly-slowly...

  2. Damn, I'm sorry to hear about this! I don't know much about building of any sort but I DO now damp and infiltration are bad news! Hope this is the only unpleasant surprise ahead.

    Real work as it is, I bet you're enjoying the process of making the barge your own again?

  3. Thanks Janys. The tiles with screws in are very easy to do. I just bought plain white traditional tiles and drilled the holes myself. Then I bought brass screws and washers to screw them on with. It looks very pretty, I think, and is very boaty!

    Maria, creeping damp and condensation are the greatest enemies of liveabord boat owners. It gives us all nightmares. I'm now planning precautionary measures to avoid a recurrence! But yes, you're so right, I am enjoying making my barge my own again. It's always good to have the chance of doing a makeover as well ;-)

  4. Ohh yes, water is great because your boat is floating on it... but it's a also a big don't want it to start working on the inside of your boat! I know all about it.
    I used to own a wooden boat... :(

    But the great thing is you can start working on it again and make it completely your own again! It's great you have the opportunity to work on it while you're not living on it. It's an adorable boat and we would like to see the progress on it... and of course the result!
    So please put a lot of pictures on for us!
    Have a great weekend! Off to the "Hennie Ha"??

  5. oh boy,some more renovations. Sorry Val. But you and Koos will do wonders as you always do.

  6. It must have been very disappointing to find those rotten boards. Just goes to show how important good ventilation is
    whether you are on a boat or in a house.

    Am sure you will find away of getting the air flowing correctly. Very best wishes.

  7. Hi Val,
    oh, what a shame that the floor boards have rotted, but the silver lining is that you can update your lovely barge any way you want. I have such fond memories of being there a few years back, can't wait to see the new look.


  8. Shame you have to concentrate on the rot rather than the fun stuff of the makeover. It doesn't look like too big a patch, so hopefully it won't take too long. Anyway enjoy your weekend. x

  9. Water in the wrong places is a big pain in the a**e... :(
    At least it causes extra time consuming work in cramped places. Time that could be spent in more pleasant ways.

    When we removed our old cupboards out of our kitchen I found that the heating water distribution control system , that distributes warm water to different parts of the house , had a small leak at one joint and water had been leaking ot for maybe years. <the bottom of the cupboard was very soft but the wall behind it seemed ok and the constructions below is made of concrete so not much harm done.
    The day before yesterday I installed our new sink and I did all the plumbing myself, the new dishwasher was connected yesterday and now I find myself anxiously looking into the cupbord below the sink every once in a while searching for leaks... :)
    So far all A-OK!

    You willl fix your problem in no time!

  10. Speechless in silent agreement...

  11. It's a dream boat! Going to look lovely! It's good you spotted the leak actually!

  12. Thanks all, the rotten boards are a pity but it could be worse and can happen to anyone. I'm happy to have the chance to find a solution as well as re-do my interior.

    Heron you've made a good point there. ventilation is required!

    To the rest of you, thank you. The Vereeniging is beautiful and I love it. Looking forward to moving back on board!

    Hans we seem to work in parallel all the

  13. By the way, any suggestions for new colour schemes will be welcome. I'm thinking of doing the floor burgundy colour, and keeping all the walls a gentle off white. I also want to build in an L shaped sofa...

  14. Burgundy would be lovely. If you had burgundy and gold upholstery it would be quite bohemian and in keeping with your historic barge.

  15. Ooh, I think burgundy floors will be lovely, and I agree that a golden or even a honey/wheat tone for the furniture or accessories would be a stunning contrast.


  16. I love our L-shaped sofa - and in your case I'm sure the box area underneath would come in very useful.

    Lightish walls would be nice, but mind your burgundy floor doesn't darken the place too much. How about just a smaller feature wall in the burgundy colour? And natural wood on the floor?

    But ignore me - I have always dreamt of being able to decorate lots and lots of houses! But just think... hubby just sells up home rather than having to paint the walls!

    Have fun doing your revamp. I'm just jealous that's all!

  17. Thanks for the suggestions, Fran, Anne Marie and Janys! I like that idea of wheat/gold/honey coloured fabrics. Yes, Janys, the box area underneath the sofa will be handy for storing/hiding all the clutter that seems to accompany me everywhere I go ;-)I'm also planning to put a cupboard under the bed for the same purpose!

    Much appreciated indeed...I can't wait to get back to it now....but the Hennie H calls. See next post...

  18. It looks very different with all the furniture moved to the sides.


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