Saturday, May 22, 2010

Turning tides and all that

This week has been an eventful one in our harbour. The tide has turned for me in a very positive way, but more of that later. The turning tide was not so favourable to one of our dearest friends. In fact talk up about ups and downs! The photo above might seem a bit obscure when you first look at it. Look closer and you will probably see what looks like a mast sticking out of the water. Well, this is what I saw when I arrived back from Zeeland last Monday. There was something not quite right about the picture, I'm sure you'll agree. Masts are usually fixed on top of boats which, in theory, should be floating on the water not sitting under it.

To cut a long story short (ok ok, I know I can go on a bit), the mooring ropes on our friend's tugboat got stuck when the tide was out, so when it came back in, the boat did not go up with it, but tipped over to one side and the water (naturally)flowed in. The tugboat (even more naturally) stayed put on the bottom - hence this strange sight that met my eyes. It has now been recovered but not without quite some damage, and that's the saddest part. It had just been largely restored.

On an up note, a new era has arrived for me with my Vereeniging, because the engine has finally been electrified (I keep writing electriFED, which I quite like as an alternative, but suppose I should get it right sometime). The old Samofa now has a starter motor fitted by the wonderful Bas, our superb harbour electrical engineer. It's so exciting for me to know I can finally get going on my own. Now I just have to find the courage to actually go somewhere on my own - even if it's just back to my old mooring in the Oude Haven!

Lastly, the tide is increasingly turning for the Hennie Ha. Koos is still making grand progress with stripping its bottom (now now, you lot!). He hopes to be finished by next Thursday. Then the real acid test will come, because this is when the insurance inspector has been booked. Hold fingers, toes and thumbs everyone. We are praying the repairs needed won't be too costly.

All in all, then, we are going with the flow and running with the tide. Hopefully any further turning it does will be in our favour!


  1. I even crossed Creemore and Whiskey's toes for you.


  2. I quite like "electriFED", the implication it gives of providing an engine nourishment.

    I only have my own fingers and toes but I'll cross them gladly!

  3. oh I hope the tide turns in your favor Val!!


  4. Obviously I add my own good wishes to those of the other visitors in here... but can't help feeling that you gave away only half the story. Hmmmmm??? I sense an unfinished tale in there somewhere....

  5. Oh love good news - so don't hold on tooooooo long! But sad for your friends with the other boat.

  6. oh bummer, what a turn-down that must have been for your friends. hope everything works out for the best, though.
    we are keeping all our fingers crossed for the inspection!

  7. Shame about your friend's boat, but good to hear the better news from you and Koos. Fingers will be crossed for Thursday's inspection when the man gets his little hammer out and starts bashing! Am also putting up and new post now!

  8. I would deem you a very brave woman going out on your own lol sad about your friends boat though :( good luck with the inspection

  9. It seems to keep on getting more and more busy for you guys at the moment.

    That really sucks for your friends boat.

    I hope the inspection goes well. I'm sure it will with all the work Koos has been putting in.

  10. what a sad thing that happened to your friends! It is a relief for us here that the tidal water nearly has no influence. Just a few inches maximum. The Danish straits are protecting us good!
    Enjoy your electriFED Diesel! :) I made a radical move a few years ago and replaced the whole engine because the old was handstarted and nearly 50 years old and nobody else than me could get it started. Old engines have certain habits and like to be treated according to very peculiar ceremonies and protocols before they are cooperating.
    I keep my fingers crossed for your upcoming inspection. Good luck!

  11. Those darn tides...
    And sorry about poor Philip's tug. What a loss - all that hard work. At least he's still grinning, by the sounds of it on my blog!

    That is so fabulous you are now able to start Vereeninging's engine by yourself. Now you have no excuses!
    I tend to like "electrifed", too.

    Good luck with the inspection! All is crossed for you.

    LOL verification word: "tapsise" hmmmm...

  12. Absolutely awful the sinking of the tug, I hope his insurance will pay up and defray some of the pain he must be feeling.

    Good luck with the survey, I will send some good vibes.

  13. worst nightmare for boat owners, sinking ships, mast sticking out above water. Terrible. Hope everything is fine now....

    Good news about de vereeniging!!
    You independent woman!!!!

    And of course everything will go well with the inspection, but just to be sure i'll keep my fingers crossed as well!


  14. So sorry,I'm a bit late coming back to all these kind comments. I will pass your sympathy on to our friend. He's smiling again now, but is insurance has taken a bit of a blow.

    On Friday, we will know about the fate of the HH, so keep those digits crossed until then, pleeease? Anne Marie, thanks for persuading Creemore and Whiskey to suppawt us ;-)

    Simone, I shall try to get up the courage to be independent...will keep you posted! It'll be another week or so before it happens though. I have to wait for another ship to move.

    To everyone else, many many thanks. I appreciate your encouragement and sympathy!

  15. Eagerly waiting for the news regarding the inspection!

  16. Have to say I am VERY impressed by the quality of work on fitting an electric starter to an old engine. Was the ring gear already in place on the flywheel or did that have to be added as well? BTW, that mount is first rate - - -


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