Thursday, May 20, 2010


Any guesses as to what these numbers mean to me in 2010?

The photo below is of my daughters and their respective husbands and myself of course at a lovely Italian restaurant they took me to last night to celebrate my birthday.

It was really Italian and the waiters were all totally charming. So sad Koos wasn't with us though. He was bravely soldiering on in Zelzate with the Hennie H.

The last picture is one I've been meaning to publish for some time. It is a beautiful collage that Stefan, a.k.a Bookworm, sent me for Christmas. Knowing how much I love Coldplay, he printed his photos from their concert and made this for me. I was so touched then and to make things even more special, he sent me a card for my birthday with another photo on it from the same concert. What a very dear soul he is....thank you, Stefan!


  1. Ah, no puzzles for me this am! ;-) Glad to see you had a lovely time!

  2. So glad to read you had a lovely time, although it really is a shame Koos could not join you.

    Stefan really is a sweetie- he sent me some gorgeous photos he took himself of Queen and the Who a few years back. We are so lucky to have met such nice people through the man you share your birthday with. Who fans are a great bunch.


  3. A very Happy Birthday to you Vally. Lovely photo with the youngsters. Glad that it all went off so well, apart from Koos' absence of course.

    Love your glasses which I have to say look almost identical to mine, so I approve of your good taste in goggles and in Italian restaurants too!

  4. ps. You were born in 1955, which makes you 55 and your shoes are size 55. Might be off with that last one maybe...?

  5.'s not that hard ;-) and thanks Stu. It was a good one!

    Anne Marie, Stefan is so dear and thoughtful he makes me feel quite humble. You are right, we've met some fantastic souls thanks to PT.

    Janys, you would have loved this restaurant and the food was great as well. Big thanks to my girlies for taking me there! You're right about the last 55 being a tad out, but I laughed my socks off at the thought of having a 55 shoe size! VallyP the clown with the monster walkers...hee hee...hmmmm, i think I'll leave you guessing ;-)

  6. Hi Vally, Happy Birthday, glad you had a lovely day. I reckon you must be 30 (5+5=10, 5+5=10, 5+5=10,

  7. Firstly belatedly HAPPY BIRTHDAY Vally!

    One of those 55' might be the street number of the restaurant and the other the sum total of everyones age..No I know that I am wrong on both counts and will get great pleasure when you enlighten us :)

  8. Pondering on the third 55 clue ;-)

  9. Aw, what a sweet thing by Stefan to do!

  10. Fran, I love you! What a marvellous conclusion!

    Heron, you could be right about the first one, although I'm not totally sure. The second would be wishful thinking, I'm afraid.

    Haha's a killer isn't it?

    Maria, yes, Stefan is a honey!

  11. Just thought that the larger shoe size was an essential requirement for boat livers... for all those dunks in the drink you and your stuff would seem to make. A pair of fins - just right!

  12. Hey Val. Looks like a good time was had by all. Yours truly is catching a berth on the good ship Valonia to Oostende on 25th May for the Oostende Voor Anker festival. If your nearby then please come aboard and make yourself known.

  13. I'm thinking 55 kg, and how you've kept your girlish figure?


  14. Happy Birthday Val. I Enjoyed the photos! I hope your day was spectacular :)
    What a sweet gift from Stefan.
    How is Sindy these days btw?


  15. Janys, now I can't bear to reveal what it really is - that would be much too mundane! Size 55 flippers it has to

    In fact though Anne Marie is right. I just found it a fun coincidence that these statistics are those they want on some airlines these days - date of birth, age and weight, and mine are all the same..I'm not sure about the girlish figure bit though, although it's kind of you to say so....there are a few too many wrinkles and saggy bits for that now ;-)

    Geoff, thanks for the tip. Sadly, I think we'll miss it again because our boat is out of the water and weekends are being spent working on it to save yard costs ;-( Great to hear from you though.

    Grace, thanks dear. Sindy is struggling with her arthritis at the moment, so we're off to the vet's next week. I really hate her to be in this pain.

    Anne Marie,

  16. Aha!
    You were born in 1955, you just turned 55 and...
    the year of your favourite car, perhaps?
    the number of friends you have on facebook?
    the number of euros your traffic fine cost you?
    the number of feet deep the harbour is?
    the length of your barge - in feet?
    And I know it's not Koos' age! ;)

    That is a wonderful gift from Stefan! He is always so very thoughtful!

    We took Bobby and his best friend for pizza last night at the best place in town. He really had a great birthday, too!

    Have a good weekend, Val!


  17. Sounds like you had an amazing birthday. Sorry I didn't wish you a happy birthday sooner :)

    Happy birthday!


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