Monday, April 19, 2010

Adventures in our watery world

Operational discussions and the result: the engine is out

Koos and I manoeuvring the mast

These last two pics show the Vereeniging and the Marion Aagje first next to Nico's Luxe Motor (above) and secondly back home (below). You get to se what they look like from both ends this way!

So....we've been playing at boats again. This time, the Vereeniging was acting as tug boat for the Marion Aagje, Mo and Craig's cute little tjalk.

The only snag was the Vereeniging only has 25 horses in her engine room, which isn't really a lot when you are dragging an extra fifty tons of boat around. What with the current flowing in the wrong direction, and us having to go with the flow rather than against it (where you have more control), things got a bit hectic. First we got stuck between two ships while doing a three point turn (ship at bow end very cool, charming and relaxed - ship at stern end less so), then we managed to dunk a rowing boat under water (luckily it re-surfaced, full of water but without damage) and then we were faced with a large party ship coming in the opposite direction, who didn't seem inclined to wait until we'd lurched our way through the bridge. Still no harm done in the end. We bumped into the next two bridges in good dodgem style, but still managed to struggle our way to our destination, being friend Nico's barge.

The reason for all this adventuring was that he has a strong crane, and Mo and Craig had an appointment to have their oversized engine lifted out, their winch lifted on, and their mast hoisted out of the water and put in position too. The mast had been lying in the water next to the Luxor, so one of the pics shows Koos and I pulling it round to the crane with my rowing boat.

Today, we took them back again but luckily this time the current was in our favour, and no dodging other barges this time. Now, though, I really understand why the terms 'barging about' and 'barge into' came into being. This is also why 'barge poles' come in so handy too!

When all's said and done, however, the two little barges look pretty together, don't they? Shame the Marion Aagje has to go back over the river to its mooring in the yacht harbour. We'll miss Mo and Craig now they've moved. They've become harbour people in their own right since they've lived on the Vereeniging. Still, the upside is that now I can move back onto my ship again ;-)


  1. Nice little bit of towing, Val. I'll bet you're looking forward to going home.


  2. Sounds like a fun event there! Love the last picture showing all those barges together. We dream of just one on the water... that looks like paradise with so many of them on view!

  3. Thanks Anne Marie. I think I will

    Janice, I should have explained the pics. I have put captions now so you can see what they are, but the last pic is my Vereeniging and the Marion Aagje moored up together in our harbour.

  4. Yes - I had understood from your post that they were your boats, but seeing lots of them together is a delight to me also seeing as just getting permission for one is a nightmare here! Just wish the Venetian authorities would learn a thing or two from the Dutch one when it comes to moorings and houseboats!

  5. Oh Janys, I feel for you I really do. In truth it's not that easy here. The Marion Aagje is not allowed to stay in our harbour until Mo has submitted a restoration plan that satisfies the administration. Ironic when you look at the barge in the background that seems to have friends in high places. It is a recent arrival and looks set to stay.

    There is a lot of unfairness and 'who you know' here too when it comes to moorings.

  6. It sounds like you were very busy. shame you could not have dunked the party boat :p

  7. Ah a day on the water, er or rather a life! Lovely!

  8. Well done folks! I'm sorry we couldn't be there to help but unfortunately, the request came a little late :0)

  9. LOL Stu, I think that might have been a challenge, given that it is longer, wider and higher than either of ours.

    String, it was quite an adventure, but fun all the same. When we went back, we were checking out which boats we could bash into so as not to miss anyone out ;-)

    Jo, my love, you have a real Dutch life now, sweetheart. We'd have to book you two months in advance to be ahead in the queue, and as you know, things happen a little more spontaneously in the harbour. We have to take opportunities when they arise, which doesn't fit in well with the 'afspraak systeem'. Our loss ;-P

  10. All looks like fun and you had the sunshine to boot! Hopefully it won't be too long before Mo gets the necessary permission to come back to you. Enjoy being back home.

  11. Sounds like an exciting and fun time had by all :)

  12. Oh my... :)
    Seascape experiences are the best experiences.

  13. LOL! You can never say you have a boring life Val! And your little barges look sung as can be and adorable!

  14. oops.. that should say SNUG as can be...


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