Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ha Ha Hennie Ha

The rather fuzzy photo above was taken on the Hennie H the last time I went anywhere on the little Snik. It was 15 September 2008. Today, we have the very real prospect of setting off in it again, because today, Koos finally managed to get the engine running properly.

After much technical head scratching, he triumphed over the steering problems last week, so this week's achievement felt really good. I acted as general 'gofer' passing spanners, screwdivers and courage, while protecting Koos from the rain by holding a tarpaulin over the engine hatch. Guess who got wet instead .....

No guarantees yet, because next week, we'll give it a full test run and see how everything works. If all goes well, we'll then have to make a date with the yard in Zelzate to get the work on the bottom this sounding familiar?...Ah well, I'm hoping that by August we'll have our scheepje back in the water again and ready to roll...or should i rather say sail?


  1. I love that view of the waves! Ohhh I envy you!

  2. That is great news! at last! well done

  3. That's great news, Val. Fingers crossed for the test run.


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  5. I am going to have to slow my fingers down and give my brain time to catch up!
    Anyway... here goes again...
    No hassle... sounds as if you both have everything under control.

  6. Yay working engine!! Hope you can enjoy sailing with it soon!

  7. oh, how I want to take to the waves soon...!
    Still have to wait another two months at least, all we see here is ice and snow!
    Lucky you!

  8. That great. I hope all goes well with the test run :)

  9. had a test run so where are your photies??


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