Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Marion Aagje makes it to Rotterdam

Just a very quick post to bring you these pictures of Mo and Craig's little tjalk in its new home. There's been a story worth a saga about trying to get it in to the historic harbours here, and the ending is still unsure, but meanwhile, they have found a berth over the water from us. In fact, now I've seen it I think it's great!

Welcome to Rotterdam Marion Aagje. This is the area the little barge came from and the waterways it served. It is back home where it belongs.


  1. Hi Val,

    ha, ha, this war a very short blogger-break.

    Great pic. I love the boat.


  2. Welcome to Rotterdam Marion Aagje!
    Mo and Craig must be happy to have finally made it - although it sounds a bit wavy at the moment...

    I would say "rocky" but you seafaring folk can relate better to waves - hopefully...

    She's a good looking boat!


    what distinguishes a tjalk from a barge?

  3. Yeah good question Dale! I agree welcome to Rotterdam!

  4. On behalf of the Maion Aagje, thank you. She needs a lot of work but it will get there eventually. Nothing distinguishes a tjalk from a barge, only a tjalk is a type of Dutch barge. She is 119 years old and home at last

  5. A real old lady then The Marion Aaje, I bet she could tell some tales .

  6. What a lovely old lady. You'll so enjoy life aboard in Rotterdam, it's a very special community.


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