Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ready? Almost!

Well, this is the temporary cover for The Skipper's Child. I'm having a copy printed at just to check it through, read it again and see if I want to have a go at some publishers.

As you can see, the name hasn't changed. I had quite a bit of feedback on Facebook, and the general concensus was that the title was just fine as it was. Who am I to argue then? I'd love to have some illustrations done and a pen and ink drawing on the cover, but that will have to wait. For now, I just want to read it like a proper book.

I've done a fair amount of editing since I finished the story, but sometimes, you just have to read something in print to know if you're going to be happy with it. I had four or five versions of my other two books before finally letting them out into the big wide world of Amazon and Bol. By that time I was heartily sick of them both, and it's only recently that I've been able to pick up either of them again. No doubt, Arie will suffer the same fate, but I hope the first time I receive a printed copy, it will feel good!

I'll keep you posted....


  1. How fantastic that you're following through with this! One day, when I find the time and energy, I'll do the same with my two novels...


  2. I feel really bad. I've not had the time to sit down and read through the on-line version yet. I have to to do so soon.

    I can already say that I agree that the title is good :)

  3. well done you! you must have a very straight thumb. Someone once told me if when you stick your thumb up, if it is straight you have excellent self discipline, but if it sort of curves backward... not so much.
    Mine used to be very curved back, but know what's weird? I just stuck it up and not so much anymore! I wonder if that is because I have fostered self discipline in myself or if it has something to do with turning 40 in a week and a half! LOL!
    Seriously, congrats on this!

  4. Anne Marie, when your shoulder's better, I'm sure you'll feel more like pursuing it. I can well imagine you don't have the energy to to it right now!

    Stu, writing your own stuff is more important, trust me. After all, think of how many people look forward to reading your blog every that's quite an obligation to meet ;-)

    Thanks Hans!

    LOL Stevie, my thumb's pretty curved too...which is probably why it's taken me two years now to writ this one! If it weren't for Anne Marie, String and Hans, I probably wouldn't have kept up with it, either, so I have everything to thank them for...a little blogging is a wondrous thing ;-D

  5. Way to go, Val!
    I know what you mean about seeing it in print in order to how well you like it. For some reason it happens that way...
    The cover is interesting - I like it!



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  7. Ha! I have quite a curve...

    but i can straighten it on demand


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