Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A slice of Pisa

Here's just a small taste of where I've been for the last few days, courtesy of Mo and Craig. I'll blog more about it tomorrow, but the photos below were taken yesterday morning in Pisa, a town I've fallen in love with. Since last Thursday, I've also been to Livorno, Florence and Lucca, but Pisa remains my favourite. When I've sorted out the photos and all the notes I wrote, I'll do a proper job, but as you can see, the sun shone hot and golden on this lovely town.
Piazza dei Cavaleiri. The view that most tourists don't take

They hardly have posters for rock, rave of pop concerts in Pisa. These are all about classical or choral music concerts, or cultural courses, of courso
Maybe the best of all my photos this trip, the lovely smooth and peaceful Arno river that runs through the city. No boats, no activity, just the quiet progress of an ancient waterway set against a backdrop of Tuscan mountains.


  1. I am always so jealous that everything is really close in Europe, unlike this vast expanse of North America. Gorgeous photos. Lucky girls!


  2. Wow that lower photo is lovely! Sounds like you are enjoying yourself!

  3. Val, I have Italy on my list of places to visit during my lifetime - penned in right below The Neatherlands...
    I was interested in the last frame where the river Arno flows in such peace. It must be so different from your river and harbour! I am surprised that, in such a populated area, that river remains as calm as it does!
    It also appears that Pisa prides itself in its classical background. I wonder what would happen if an impromptu rock concert took place in the square!

    I envy you with your easy access to Europe - its varying landscapes, its history and its charm!
    To fly to Quebec, Beth and I were in the air four hours and losing two hours...
    I can conceivably fly seven hours, cross four time zones and still be in the same country!

    I look forward to seeing your own photos, too, Val.


  4. Lovely. Brings back great memories. Ditto to AM's comments about everything being so much closer. Lucky indeed.


  5. Anne Marie, that is probably the greatest benefit of living here in the Netherlands. This trip was my birthday present from Mo and Craig, so in fact I was alone, but since my interests history and archaeology, this was no problem for me as both Koos and I are aware that we have different leanings, and he would probably have been bored by my interest in chunks of old stone work ;-)

    Thanks String, I like that one too!

    Lol Dale, these are my photos too. I may not have made it clear that I was on my own in Italy, so there was only me to take the pics this time ;) You're right though, the river seemed very empty compared to our own waterways, and they make very little of it too, but it's lovely all the same. I hope you manage to make it over here before too long Dale. You would love it, I'm sure! I can't imagine having to fly for so long and still be in the same country!

    Lesley, I do love the proximity of all these different cultures, and the art work in Italy is staggering.

    I've been catching up with work today. Will try and post more tomorrow, I will, I will!

  6. GreatTHreat photos. I can't wait to see more. Things like this always remind me I have to jump on a train and visit the rest of Europe sometime.

  7. Hi Val,

    the last pic is like a painting. Wonderful!
    Italy is such a fantastic country.
    I think you found the best time for traveling.


  8. What a wonderful present!See you soon.xx

  9. lol
    Dazed and confused...
    But what a lovely gift!
    And I will look forward to more of your own photos, Val!



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