Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunny summer days in coastal Flanders

We have escaped from Rotterdam for a whole wonderful week. That sounds as if I don't like the city, which isn't true, but bearing in mind every second weekend of the summer, there is some kind of event that closes streets, creates major cacophony and results in heaps of litter that take until the next event to clean up, it's not always the nicest place to be. This weekend, there's been F1 motor racing demos. I quite like this event, but the above complaints still hold, so it's been bliss to come down to Zeeuws Vlaanderen with the prospect of spending the next week here.

Although it is officially the Netherlands, it is really much more Flemish in style and atmosphere here, and is more truly described as coastal Flanders. I like the fact that it feels like a different country and that we have to go through Belgium to get here. There's also a toll gate on the approach road from Antwerp, which in its way, is like going through a border control. It gives me a special sense of belonging to Flanders that we have our own pass card for this toll. Silly, I know, but good too.

Sindy and I went for a run early this morning while the mists were still hanging over the fields. The sun was shining through the haze and it was peacefully lovely. Everywhere I looked the countryside was rich with green and gold, and when I got home, the view from the windows was breathtaking. The sun was burning off the mist, the sky was steely blue and the poplar trees for which this region is so famous, stood tall in their rich green line on the horizon. I realised how lucky I am to have this cottage in this place.

For the rest of the day, I have been enjoying the warm, sunny weather by working on the Hennie H. Koos has gone exploring on his scooter, so it's been a 'me time' day and I've just been doing small jobs as the fancy has taken me. The Hennie H is beginning to look more loved again and the good news is we have found a yard just across the canal that has a crane that can lift it out of the water easily. It's right at the end of the village and is a private place we thought had closed down. We'd both been thinking what a perfect place it would be to put it, so took the plunge to investigate, and are very excited to find that it's not just possible - we will probably be making the arrangements to move it over there this week.

I so hope it can be sorted out soon. The Hennie H was intended to be our fun boat, and that's about the last thing it's been. No doubt I'll keep you all posted on these developments, but for now, enjoy this lovely August....


  1. a post card, picture perfect day Val. I enjoy the way your write.


  2. That sounds idyllic! So glad you have sun!

  3. Looks so glorious and peaceful. Glad you're enjoying the side-trip and found a way to help your wonderful little Hennie H.

  4. Oh Val, your pictures are lovely!
    It's nice when you live immersed (literally) in the city, to have a place to escape to. Rotterdam sounds like a busy place - but interesting all the same.

    ...and there go those trees, again, all in a row...

    The rising mists look lovely in the morning sun - such peaceful scenery.

    I do love having "me days", as they are so few and far between.
    You are indeed lucky to have this special retreat!

    And Hennie H must feel loved again! I am glad that you found a good and handy place to dry-dock her. Have fun with your "fun barge"!


  5. Hi Val,
    such pretty photos. You are indeed lucky to be a city and country mouse.


  6. Grace, thank you again. It was a lovely day and today has been too!

    String, the sun is being mostly kind, although this morning it was cloudy here. The forecast for tomorrow is hot hot hot!

    Lesley, I have a dream...for the Hennie H....I do hope the dream will come true. It has to do with taking it to England....

    Dale, I really value every day I spend here even though I am very fond of Rotterdam. I'm glad you like the photos too. I think they give an impression of the peace and tranquillity here, and as for the Hennie H, it will rise again...even if only in the dry dock!

    Thanks Anne Marie, I relish that good fortune every single day, I promise you.


  7. We are enjoying this August day, too. I have been resting out on the old, comfy couch that I relocated to my deck. It's so nice to be able to recline in cosiness and look out over the lake and mountains!
    Another peaceful day.

  8. Lovely Dale. I can relate to that very well!

  9. Aah, true countryside bliss in these pictures! Thank you for them.


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