Sunday, July 26, 2009

Trust is repaid

I took this photo last night when out walking through Westdorpe with Koos. There's not much left to trust in the Europe we live in today, so this reminded me of how much I like this forgotten corner of the Netherlands. We were so charmed by the arrangement, we also bought a kilo of plums and duly posted our single euro coin in the letterbox as politely requested. Nice hey? The plums are too!


  1. Val, you can still see this on rural roads in Ontario, where farmers just leave their goods by the roadside with posted prices and a basket for the money. I love seeing it still.

    I also remember being in a small Oxfordshire town in the summer of 2004 and a church had a roadside stand with paperbacks for one pound. I bought Ian McEwan's Amsterdam- the best bargain in the UK that summer!


  2. That is very heartwarming, Val.

    I was just commenting to Eugene about how mistrusting our society has become.
    We were driving into town at 2:00 this morning to collect Beth and Reeko from the dance bar (another post entirely lol - all good) and the lights were blazing at the storage complex along the highway. I made a comment to the effect, that such invasive lighting is a testament to our suspicion-driven society.
    We, among the ninety-nine percent of humankind, who just want to live life in peace - not bothering anyone, end up dealing with the repercussions for what the other one percent does.
    It saddens and disappoints me.

    On the other hand, it is refreshing to see such open trust and honesty.
    We have our weekly Farmer's Market in town during the summer as proof of that.

    I hope you REALLY enjoy the plums!


  3. oh, and i commented on your previous post, too

  4. Last week-end coming back to town from camping, in the middle of nowhere, we stopped at a vegetable stand and left our money in exchange for some great asparagus, peas and waxed beans. I was happy with this great produce and I'm sure they were happy with the money that we left for them.

    xx (aka awake from the dead)

  5. That is pretty cool Val. Here in my part of the world, there still is the 'trade' option. :)


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