Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer work mode

I've just realised I haven't done a post for more than a week. Well, not on this blog anyway. My house blog has had a few updates for those of you who might still be interested ( - although most of the photos are on Facebook too. I;ve also done some writing and the Skipper's Child is coming close to its dénoument. Sad for me as I'll miss Arie and Co.There's still plenty of editing to be done before I can go to print, though. It's taken me so long to write this tale, I've almost forgotten what's happened along the way. Funny when you think that the whole story only covers three days (or is it four?) I'll probably try and publish it for Christmas as it's set around that time. Seems like a good idea anyway.

Apart from that, I've been busy with ship stuff too. This last week I devoted to making a new skylight for the Vereeniging. I haven't got any pics of it yet as I only finished it on Friday afternoon and there's still a frame to be attached to the Vereeniging for it to sit on, but I'm pretty pleased with it.

Next week will be a Luxor week, so I want to start on the interior insulation if it's not too hot, but if the sun shines, there's plenty to keep me busy outside too..oh and yes, I do still have to go to work, but the week after that...I"M FREE!!!


  1. Hello you! I've only just noticed the link to your Rivergirl page. Am I a bit slow? (that's a rhetorical question, thanks). I MUST go and visit Arie beefore you finish with his story - I am deeply ashamed I haven't made time for him at all lately, to say nothing of your house blog, which I also love.

    Got your last email this morning, for which thank you so much. I'm sitting here looking out the window at a very blustery day , feeling warm and lucky. Very lucky.

    Glad to see you're still keeping yourself busy enough for at least four people!

    M x

  2. Sooo nice to see you Margie, and thanks for the interest my dear friend. Now I must pop over to yours to see what you have presented us with today! It's sure to be a goodie if it's from the pen of my favourite writer from south of the equator!

  3. Hi Val,

    I can't go to your houseblog, because I need an invitation. I will be happy, if I get one.


  4. Hi Stefan! Of course! I'm so sorry I haven't sent you one before, but the invitation should now be in your email inbox! I'll be glad to see you there xx

  5. Hi Val,

    You are a busy bee, but enjoy that free time you have coming up. Some reading, writing, painting, walking...sounds terrific. :)

  6. What? Skipper's Child almost done? Oh no!

  7. You make me feel positively slack!
    Running about like you do - fixing up Graafjansdijk (what a great word - wish I knew how to pronounce it...), refubishing Vereeniging (I do know how to pronounce that one, as a fellow I used to work with lived near there in SA) and polishing up the LUXOR (long or short "U"?).

    I started reading The Skipper's Child a while back, but I've been so busy (and unplugged) that I've lost track.

    The weather here is hot and muggy - yuck. I really have issues with the heat... My house is just up the hill from the beach at Hidden Bay, so relief is only a hillside away.

    My computer is hooked back up (tentatively) until I can find a permanent home for it here. The fish aquarium and my computer are at odds for the moment.

    I saw the work you did on your other blog, but didn't coment there. I love the black and white tiles in the bathroom!

    I used to sing I'm Free to Beth when she was little. She used to laugh and say, "No, you're not three!"


  8. Val,
    your boundless energy continues to impress me. Unlike you, I've been very lazy this summer, which I attribute mainly to this nagging arm/shoulder injury. It has given me such bother that I can't find the motivation to do much, since a lot of activity aggravates it. I am meaning to write, to clean out some boxes, but so far, little has been done.

    I'm off to go look at your house blog, and like you, am sad that your story is coming to an end. I wish you all the best with getting it published- are you going to do it yourself again?


  9. Dale, thanks so much for the lovely long comment, which I totally failed to answer. I think I did it on your own blog though. I love the Beth sweet!

    Anne Marie, I', going to try some publishers but if it seems like too much hard work, I might well Lulu it again. I'm still selling both AW and WW in ones and twos, and it's great to know that people still enjoy them even if I don't make the big time ;-)


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