Sunday, April 05, 2009

Water 'n sports

Today was the Rotterdam Marathon, and when I see it, I always think of my friend Marion, whose prowess at running always left me gasping. I'm going to Spain to see her at the end of this month and am really looking forward to it, but today, I took these photos with her in mind. It was great to see the runners in amongt the world I know so well.

And after watching all this frantic activity, we took a walk up the river. I rather like the image of this seagull sitting so still on the pole. Such a sense of peace.

If you want to see the photos full size, just click on them. There's a lot to see...


  1. It looks like a lovely spring day, and all those orange shirts! I have to admit, running would be the last sport I would ever take up, even though I love to walk and can do so for a long, long time.

    There really is a lot to see when you enlarge. Busy scenes!


  2. Is Marion the one who left you that lovely framed note that you have on your desk?

    I used to wonder why the Paagmans dressed their kids in orange for skiing - I thought it was soley so they could be spotted on the ski hill... for safety.
    I've learned much since...

    I love the way our photos display the details when expanded!

    Did you notice the snow flakes in the enlarged photo on my last post...

  3. Hi Val!
    Beautiful pictures! I always feel at home in the Netherlands...and in England too!
    I have to stop back and check out your slide show of your England and Wales trip.
    Thanks so much for sharing such beautiful pics.

    Ta for your sweet comments. It makes me feel good to think that my struggles inspire others. I attribute a great deal of my healing to beautiful friends like you!

    I WILL be baaaaaack.
    Off like a prom dress to the gym now.

    Take care my dear.

  4. Always enjoy your blog posts! Such a different looking least to my now lush view of green grass! ;-) Love the boat pic!

  5. great weather, good turn out.

    Love the way you write Val. I am trying my go at it! don't know if you have noticed, a little more to just me posting pics!


  6. I truly hope to see you one day soon... sorry I have been so absent... stop by my blog to see why! 89 more to go....

  7. Val, if you get a moment, pop by and check out my blog.


  8. Hi all, many many thanks for all the comments. I really thought I'd replied but it seems I haven't. Bad Val.

    Ann Marie, yes the scenes are really busy aren't they? I do a bit of running, but only for very modest distances and a couple to three times a week I always feel great afterwards, but don't think I'd ever want to do a marathon...too much pain!

    Dale, yes Marion is the one who left me the note, and I'm very excited about going to see her. Orange should stay on oranges and that's that, but yes, the Dutch do seem to like wearing their national colour!

    Sue..LOL.."off like a prom dress" to the gym. That's classic! Always good to see you too dear one!

    Thanks String, your life intrigues me too! What are you doing near Stonehenge?

    Grace, you are a love. Thanks for coming by and I'm honoured to have inspired you to write. I have most definitely I've said on your blog now, I think.

    Stevie, great to see you again. I've been to yours now, and loved new baby ;-)

  9. Hi Val,

    Thanks for posting greetings in my blog, I've been such a bad blogger - not being busy either but rather spending time in leisure for the past two weeks, just not getting around to doing much on the web! I posted an update now, though, with a few new pictures.

    I was thinking, looking at the pictures of the runners then the picture of the gull: if the gull was watching the runners, what would it think? Would it be puzzled about so many people running on seemingly without a destination? Marathon has always seemed somewhat a peculiar activity to me. I know it is a great passion for some. But what's the reason? Is it about a sense of gaining a victory over yourself, crossing your own limits.

    Happy spring and happy Easter (or just happy holidays)!


    P.S. Do you or Koos either have use for Spotify? I'm asking because I have the 10 euros/month premium account which allows me to send two invitations for free accounts each month. I've one invitation spare at the moment. The free accounts have no limitations but have some ads - rather like commercial radio - after every few songs. If you want the invitation, send me an email at


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