Friday, February 27, 2009

To cross the channel in a barge....

You've seen the start and the conclusion of the story already. Well, this is just a taste of what Charlie and Martin had as their 'main body'. The first photo is one that Koos took as he chased them along the Maas on his scooter. The rest were taken by C & M themselves as they ploughed across a choppy channel. It looks cold and forbidding, albeit bright, but I think they looked really happy all the same.

This was apparently a barge called Slobber that they went in convoy with. As Charlie said, the name was very funny when trying to communicate on the VHF!


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  2. Oh you hearty, sea faring souls!
    Those waters look cold and rough.

    I'm afraid I might acquire the marine equivalent to claustophobia as soon as I lost sight of land!


    Albatros to Slobber
    Albatros to Slobber...

    that was my delete - my manual spell-check kicked in too late

  3. I'd do it in a second! I love that! Choppy water and all!

  4. LOL Dale, I suspect that's something akin to agoraphobia...all that space and nowhere to hide!

    Spring, are you a sailor by any chance?

  5. yes, that cross looks mighty choppy and brave. I have been on fishing boats, game charter boats where you didn't want to move from right where you were!

  6. LOL Grace! I can well imagine. It's not really my thing either...

    and String! I called you Spring..haha...must be wishful thinking there ;-)

  7. Hi Val,

    thanks for stopping at my blog. Yes, I'm lazy and sometimes I don't find the right words to write a new post. The other reason is, the February has only 28 days. and I forgot this. So I must write two posts this month.

    Your post's I read all. What good pics from the journey your friends sailing to London. I think I will be seasick on the Chanal with such a barge. Today I will do some housework and such other "funny" things. Oh, I hate it.

    Have a good sunday.

  8. I sure do admire men who go down to the sea in ships ... but I ain't one of them. The prospect is both thrilling and terrifying to me ... (okay, mostly terrifying).

  9. yikes! i'm such a chicken - i'd never do that!


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