Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Weyhey!! Watery Ways is now on Amazon. Check out this URL


  1. Hi Val,

    great to read, your book is on Amazon. Now I can buy it in one of the next days.

    Do you remember me, ha,ha.
    I foolish was away a long time from blogland. Now I'm back.

    Hope you and Koos feeling good.

    This month I will see Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street-Band in Düsseldorf. Please have a look on my blog.


  2. Wow-is the understatement of the year! So many exciting, thrilling, happy goings on! (makes my heart happy too!)


  3. Wow, Val!

    And to think I've got both the books - and one signed by the venerable author Herself.

    I loved reading both books and was loathe to finish the last chapters of each. Val, you have a way of putting life into perspective with your wit, wisdom and way with words!

    I am beginning to feel that you, your beloved Vereeniging and Koos are far closer than ever!



  4. That is fantastic Val!


    xox grace

  5. Mega congratualtions! I have decided that once you publish your third book you will be entitled to be dubbed "prolific author Valerie Poore". So get on with it! Which reminds me, I must set aside some time to revisit Arie.

    As for your last post - oh my goodness. I can't wait til Colin gets back so I can show him. He will be so green! Maybe I'll do some photoshopping and splice our faces in there somewhere. (I won't of course - I don't have photoshop, for a start, but you get the gist of the comment).

    Koos does indeed look in his element, and you both look so happy and proud. All is well with the world again!

  6. Thanks to you all. Yes, it's been a good few days with lots of excitement, and even better, we heard today that we have a ligplaats (mooring) at Sas van Gent, the closest harbour to the little house and first prize on the list of possible moorings. We are thrilled!

    Margie, you can splice your face onto our boat any time you like - for real! And yes, I am going for 'prolific', if not famous, when it comes to writing!

    Dale, you are precious...but are you talking about me??

    Cheryl and Grace, fantastic it really is and lots of excitement too. I can hardly stand it ;-)

    Stefan, I would be honoured to know you'd got my book. It's great to see you back here, though, and enjoy the BS concert to the max!

  7. You are famous!!!!..
    And rightly so..superb!..

    Val, have a wonderful trip to South Africa..come back safe and well with lots of tales to tell..xx..

  8. Hi Val,

    your "Watery Ways" you can buy here in Germany from LIBRI. This is a bookseller and the most bookshops order his books fom this wholesaler.

    I had ordered your book some minutes ago here. Now I must wait 1-2 weeks to get it.
    Can't wait to read.


  9. that’s marvelous, and that I know the author of the Ways series a privilege to boot. best wishes to you and yours Val, and much success. heat has me seeking shade and keeping my head down, but I am well.

    Be lucky,

  10. safe journies my friend!
    xo cherylann

  11. Well, folks, I'm back! I realise now that I forgot to mention that I was going in the first place, so for that I am really sorry.

    Gyspy and Cheryl, many thanks for your kind wishes. I had a really great time even though it was way too short, but we packed a whole bunch of stuff in all the same. More about that on my new post...when I get around to it!

    Paul, so very nice to see you here again. I'm so glad you are doing okay despite the heat. Had some concerns about you earlier. Anyway, thanks so much for the kind words and as I've mentioned before, I am especially grateful to you for your encouragement. Now I must get back to my writing again, as my Arie story has been on hold for too long....still so much to do though!

    And Grace? I am fine thank you dear one. I've just been away in South Africa for a week is all!

    Stefan, many thanks for letting me know about the availability of my book! I feel quite proud that it's available in so many places now...I must check out too!


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