Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Vespa's day out

There was a small proud Vespa
That needed a good old tester
So off it flew
Through country new
to blow the dust a-wester

The lanes were at their best
as if quite specially dressed
With frothy flowers
and vivid green bowers
and scents it was caressed

The sun beat down so strong
as the Vespa scooted along
It stopped a while
but made souls smile
as it rode off with great aplomb

And now it's back at home
but dreams of fun to come
on tree lined dykes
past old men's bikes
And endless miles to roam

PS: The photos are courtesy of a mobile phone...vespas don't carry cameras ;-)


  1. I used to dislike poetry
    like I used to dislike dogs.
    What more changes have you in store for me?

  2. .. All good things are changeable (in reference to comment above).

    Spring is the time to bring out those two-wheelers! One of my colleagues just got herself a moped and is happier than a pig in "you know what".

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

  3. Ha Koos!
    It's what I said to Gene - you love me, you love my managerie...

    Val, your Vespa reads like Freedom!

    Your mobile phone, which was no doubt originally designed for talking to people, is now piloting a scooter... ;)
    What will Big Brother think up next?

    On the flip side (er, so to speak - always keep the rubber side down) I like to see what's down your road. It's a different view than I'm used to coming from you. Usually it's a view of up/downstream!

  4. But do Vespas carry music devices? I swear I hear this Pete guy singing behind you, "I ride a GS Scooter with my hair cut neat."


  5. I felt like your pillion rider looking at your pics Val..wonderful!!

    P.s I love yours and koos's ditty for Dale!!...brilliant!!

  6. Vespa had a beautiful day out!! :)

  7. hee heee heeee soooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!

  8. How cool is that? I would love to have the courage to ride a Vespa - the traffic here however is not conducive to many happy hours in the saddle. Here, casualty departments refer to riders of two wheeled motorised vehicles of any sort as "organ donors". It doesn't inspire confidence.

    Your photos, on the other hand, look idyllic and liberating.
    And your poetry is catching:

    Vally on a Vespa,
    cameraphone in hand,
    Whizzing though the countryside feeling very grand.
    Waving to the cows and sheep, singing at the sun,
    Oh my goodness this two wheeling really is such fun!

    Off to have a special dinner now at out favourite French restaurant. I will be thinking of you and Koos!

  9. Fantastic mum!!!

    I love your poems... so carefree and sunny!


  10. Oh I have enjoyed these comments! And I'm really hoping that tomorrow I can go ride my Vespa again...not quite the GS model, Anne Marie, and my hair's not cut so neat, but yay! It is a vespa!

    Margie, I'm am a complete wimp when it comes to these things and at the moment I'll only go out on sundays when there's not too much traffic around...and I go at granny speed. Absolutely true! I managed one short spell at 40kms p.h but for the most part, I was pottering along at 30, and that seemed quite fast enough for imagine Koos on his on the highway..right.

    Lesley, I did have fun, and hope to have some more tomorrow too, but the weather's not looking optimistic.

    Dale, haha yes, you do normally see things from a more watery perspective, and I hope there'll be more of that to come now the weather's warming up too.

    Gypsy, yay, come ride my pillion anytime..we could have a blast!

    Momo, I'm so looking forward to doing some other biking with you very soon pet!!

    Grace, my vespa knows how to live ;-)

    Hey Jodes! where did you pop up from? Glad you liked the poem pet ;-)

  11. Vallyp:

    Vespas are cute...I have seen a few, but here, in the inland of California, there are mostly cars....and BIG motorcycles...not Vespas, though I DID see one about a week ago.

    You must understand that we, here, are from the land of the Hell's Angels. That means USA Harley-Davidson (Harleys) bikes galore.

    But....The Vespa is cool, thanks for the photos!

    --Dan L.

  12. LOL at Koos!

    LOVE the Mod inspired poem, Val!

    I rode a scooter (solo) for the first time last December on Green Island here in Taiwan. It was a BLAST but a bit scary taking corners, starting and stopping!

    My dream is to have a Vespa one day.
    Sujoy's dad has a mint green Vespa (in India).
    Next time I visit, I'm riding it!!!

    I think Sujoy has a business trip in the Netherlands later on this month (he's going to Sweden too).
    Lucky guy!!

    Every time I come here (and forgive me because it's not enough), I am reminded that I WILL BE BUYING copies (several to start) of your book this summer for our PTA bookstore.
    I start managing it this fall.
    Can't wait!

    Hey you have two, don't you?

    Take care sweetie!

  13. I have lots to catch up. Have stayed away far too long!

    This is a lovely story of the happy little vespa's day out roaming the sunny roads in poetry form. I was caught in the spirit and wanted to be the vespa. :-)


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