Monday, April 28, 2008

A cowardly affair

How many insults can you think of that include a cow...poor cow with its cow eyes and heavy bovine build, always ruminating....

They say curiosity killed the cat, but what about the cow?

And does the word coward have anything to do with our domestic and generous friend?

I think not, for the cow is incurably inquisitive and quite without cowardice as far as I can see. They really me too - sometimes to great speed because let's face it, a cow when it feels bullish can steer me out of the field pretty fast!

These two are not cows, cowards or cowed at all, but they are most definitely bovine and just a touch divine too. No?


  1. I really do love cows.
    They are the most patient, forgiving and steadfast creatures known to man - er..."man" spoken loosely, mind.
    You now have an quite an opportunity to observe a creature that has, for at least a millenia, been one of servitude to humanity.

    I have also seen cows so mad...also spoken loosely - yet precisely...trying to protect their young, as well as themselves. Horns can be a formidable weapon, so no wonder the are removed by humans... Ouch.

    Cows are indeed one of the most curious creatures - I was told never let my dog into a cow pasture...

    Cattles' willingness to follow makes it easy during "round-up" in the fall.
    Ride your gallant steed through the grazing ground, from farthest corner back to where the cattle trailers are parked at the nearest corner.
    If yee gather one wee beastie then, by the time ye hath ridden 10 leagues (whatever a league may be) or so, all the other wee beasties will have gathered for the go. Simple, yet effective.

    I do love the pair of heifers in the bottom pic.

    I will not be cowed into thinking a bovine is just for barbequeing!

  2. Divinty in Bovinity...

    i like that

  3. val, I have been a cow lover for awhile. I even had a huge collection of cow figurines etc. Friends and family would send me this type stuff all the time.

    These pictures are lovely. Funny I am lactose intolerant!!! Love a good steak though!!

  4. ...must follow up though, I am not in any way for torture of animals, I will meat humanely raised

  5. Greetings from Cows Fernhout

  6. Very fast they are. The acceleration is incredible. We used to have some cows on the small farm where I grew up. Very stubborn characters.
    If they got their minds set on something, they were unstoppable and very hard to turn around when they broke away in an unwanted direction. Lucky for me the endurance and sustain wasn't very good though the acceleration was incredible :)

  7. I have never thought that much about cows before. And now i have, thanks Vally.

    Hugs & Wuv

  8. Hurrah for this pamphlet of support for the cow!

    One thing I like about the cows (Dale mentioned it too) is indeed the patience. They seem to have a very zen approach to life.

  9. LOL!

    I LOVE COWS!!!

    Ooh I see Dale does too.

    The most beautiful cows in the world are in India- I think they're called Brahmin cows. I need to do some research and figure that out!

    Today (for the upteenth time) I was thinking LONG and HARD about going veg. I've tried. It's so hard...but I think I am ready.
    Yeah right, we had the most AWESOME (New Zealand) roast lamb for dinner tonight. Oh it was delish (made by hubby even).

    Anyway, I think I am a giant hypocrite because I love animals - they are all so beautiful.
    How can I eat them in good conscience?

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog, Val!
    It's SO tricky taking pics here though (as I mentioned) due to the BRIGHT overcast light. I need to do research on THIS too!

    Take care my dear!

  10. Haha, Anne Marie, I should've thought of that one too!

    Dale, I love their dear, long suffering faces too. They are so patient, and much more intelligent that most people give them credit for. I've never understood why calling a woman a cow should be such an insult! But, yes, they can be incredibly fearsome if provoked into protecting their young. I have had personal experience of that!

    Grace, I would love to see your cow collection! They are also quite an icon here in the Nethlerands and you can buy all manner of things with cows on them.

    Hans, fast they are indeed! I have seen a cow jump a fence into the road in front of me as if it were a race horse, and then it just took off at speed, udders wobbling dangerously in the process.

    Maria, thanks for the vote of support! I'm so glad you believe in cows too ;-)

    Sue, you are SO sweet! By the way I am a veggie of sorts. I don't eat meat at home, but mostly I don't ask others to cook vegetarian especially for me, so I will eat meat at other people's houses. That way, I can do what I believe in for myself but not impose it on the rest of the meat eating world. I just feel people eat too much meat which forces producers into the kind of mass production that is cruel and inhumane. If they only ate less....just a bit less....

    Thank you all anyway!

  11. Oops, Cheryl, thank you too! I'm so glad you appreciated a new look at cows ;-)

  12. Hi again Val!
    Oh good for you Val!
    You have the right attitude - I like that!!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

    Btw - the cows I love ARE Brahmin cows.


  13. This post is absolutely soo mooooving.

  14. I am cow, hear me moo
    I weigh twice as much as you
    And I look good on the barbecue
    Yogurt, curd, cream cheese and butters
    Made from liquid from my udders
    I am cow,

    I am cow, eating grass
    Methane gas comes out my ass
    And out my muzzle when I belch
    Oh, the ozone layer is thinner
    From the outcome of my dinner
    I am cow,

    I am cow, here I stand
    Far and wide upon this land
    And I am living everywhere
    From b.c. to newfoundland
    You can squeeze my teats by hand
    I am cow, I am cow, I am cow
    I am cow, I am cow, I am cow!

    Compliments of Canada's comedy musical group the Arrogant Worms


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