Monday, April 07, 2008

Anyone for a bit of smuggling?

Well, follow this route across the borders between Belgium and the Netherlands then....

And now...further signs of life

if you are reading this, then your drowning man probably already has....

Not your most obvious rubbish bin..but maybe the pictogram is ....

And finally, anyone towing a barge...this way please


  1. Such an international word and symbol!

  2. Yes, I would smuggle that cute little dog from the post below. She is too cute!


  3. LOL! But it is a good idea, could be appliccable in this region where I live also. But then one would have to use a boat. :)

  4. Interesting signs.

    How is Sindy doing? oh, and you too, lol (I always ask about peoples dogs first, sorry)


  5. They are very friendly there in Belgium and the Netherlands, I must say! It's very kind to set up guiding signs for the prospective smugglers!

    Seriously though, what kind of a sign is that? If I had to guess, I'd say it was set up by someone with a keen sense of humour or else a local historian with a particular interest in this subject matter. :-)

  6. Smuggling hard-to-get-at lifesavers through a giant megaphone will only lead to hard labour if one gets caught...

  7. Haha!, love the signs, you know Neil collects signs..

    The pics of Sin bin are sooooo cute! she was/IS adorable.. and your lovely house pictures are stunning..

    But, the post about your dear Dad was so moving Val, it near brought me to tears, that was a lovely way to remember him..x..

  8. These are just wonderful - so much better than the sort of dull, utilitarian signs and "road furniture" that we see most of the time. I thoroughly approve of the creative mindset, and wish to know what it is that the local town planners have in thier coffee.

  9. Goodness that was weird. I just tried to post that last comment and was told I was logged in to the google account of someone called Aria Loves Lettuce and would I kindly get back to my own account. Okaaaay ...

  10. Margie

    That just MUST have been "Henrietta loves lettuce"...

    Well, she's my guinea pig - and she only eats Romaine lettuce, BTW., does this have anything to do with signs?

    ...and she turned 5 in March.

  11. Yes, I would smuggle that cute little dog from the post below. She is too cute! xx AM


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