Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ain't she sweet

I know, I know, I'm totally soppy about my dog and my animals in general, but I found these old photos of Sindy when she was just a wee pup this afternoon, and I promptly scanned them so I could show my blog friends how absolutely irresistible she was. Sindy is sadly old before her time now. As you can see she was dreadfully thin as a puppy, and in these photos she is not as bad as she was when I first got her. She'd been very ill-used and abused, and the long term result is that from the age of 1 year she has been suffering from Arthritis. Just recently it has got so bad that the vet thought she had a tumour, but thankfully that scare proved groundless and it is simply that the arthritis has accelerated to an advanced degree. She's only six years old, so it's very sad to see, but she's still happy and with the medicines, she can manage fine. She really was adorable though, wasn't she?

By the way, all these photos were taken on the Hoop before I moved off it and into the Vereeniging. Those of you who have read Watery Ways will be familiar with this lovely old barge already. the last one, though, is on the top of the Vereeniging.


  1. I looked up adorable in the dictionary and there were those very same pics of Sindy! What a beautiful girl, thanks for sharing them. There must be somthin in the air, i've been watching 'baby' videos of Amy these last couple days. I'm trying to figure out how to get em up on blogger but keep hitting dead ends. Maybe someday!
    Awww, gotta run......
    wuv & hugs

  2. Aww, poor sweetie. I hope the medicines really do the trick!

    She really was adorable when she was little. Then again, they are designed that way, the babies, aren't they?

  3. Oh my good. How. Absolutely. Adorable.



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