Sunday, March 23, 2008

More trees, clouds and water

The weather today has been miserable, but the clouds were amazing, so while Koos and I were out for a drive, I had some more fun with my new camera. I'm still on a learning curve, and photography isn't really a big interest for me but I do love clouds, trees and you can probably see ;-)

I deliberately underexposed the first two to give the clouds more drama, but it means the trees and the foreground are a bit dark. Still, I actually like the effect, so I don't really mind.


  1. That's so beautiful, the cold wind, the sleet and rain disappear at once.

  2. The effect is rather stunning, in the first shots. Nice work.


  3. Vally, Im so sorry to have missed your last couple of posts, especially the one about your precious father. Such anniversaries are very hard. I try to celebrate my mum's birthday now rather than remember the day we lost her, but it still hurts. That was a lovely remembrance tribute, and a really nice photo too.

    Your Easter jokes made me laugh though, and as for these stunning pictures ... wow. Tell Koos to watch out or you'll be nipping at his heels in the photography stakes.

  4. Even thought the weather is miserable, it makes for beautiful cloud and camera shots :)


  5. Thank you Anne Marie, Margie and Grace. I have never had a camera before that I really knew what to do with and also one that did what I wanted it to do. I am so happy I've found this one. It's giving me the courage to experiment, and in tha past I've confined myself to snapping.

    Even, so, Margie, I'm not the compulsive photographer that Koos is. It is he that gets up at 5.30 in the morning to get those dawn bed is still much too appealing to leave for any kind of artistic enterprise!

  6. By the way, he is also a fund of useful tips on taking photos, which I exploit shamelessly!


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