Thursday, March 20, 2008

In remembrance

Today is my father's birthday. It's a little more than a year since he almost literally 'shed this mortal coil' or more realistically 'toil' in his case. Although I still miss him, I know it was a release and a relief for him to finally be able to go walkabouts, AWOL or whatever else is an appropriate way of saying he was liberated from the confines of his body.

So my dearest papa, I hope you're enjoying life up there with the angels, testing the clouds for comfort. Still, I hope you aren't giving them too hard a time. I'll take a bet, though, that you are going round picking up stray feathers from their wings and putting them neatly in little boxes - just in case they might come in useful later on in eternity.

Down here, I'm remembering it is your birthday and thinking of you. You were and are the best Dad a girl could ever have had. Thank you.


  1. And while we're at it, thank you for giving the world in general and me in particular the joy of knowing this very special daughter.

  2. Aww, both sweet things to say, Val and Koos.

    He must have been a lovely man for you to remember him so fondly, Val. I'll keep an eye out for stray feathers falling out of the sky.


  3. I'm sure the angels will know where to look once they lose their flight feathers...

    As well, I will echo Koos in my thanks to your Dad for the opportunity to know you.


  4. Such a lovely post for your Dad.
    Happy Birthday. so sweet.


  5. Lovely tribute to your father.

  6. Such a beautiful tribute to your father.

  7. that was beautiful Vallyp, bless you!


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