Saturday, March 15, 2008

Eye food

My favourite photo so far, taken with my new camera

Older photos wth my old camera, but just to give your eyes something else to look at. This is the city hall (top) and the church (below) at Oudenaarde, south of Ghent in Belgium. I love the houses in front of the church. They look like cardboard cut outs, very very Flemish in appearance. I often wonder what happened to the Flemish after the war. They used to build such beautiful buildings, but since the war, everything has an air of depression and bleakness about it.


  1. Aaah, when I first saw the first picture I thought it was Antwerp. Close, but not close enough. It is amazing how beautiful their architecture is and it is a shame that very few structures are built with the same wonderful detail. Hope all is well. Yes, I am back!

  2. Hey maaaa I have taken a look at your blogs sheepers, it has been a while soweee!!!! Your housie is looking very good, I noticed the fireplace even before reading the wording beneath it! I'm glad you went to Paris again, I really loved it when Craig and I went (thank you again for that special time) Has Jo gone since? It looks chilly in your photo's which conjours up memories for me. Have a super dooper day in your dorp in the west!

  3. Lovely photos - and beautiful cardboard cut-outs! Must have taken you ages to get around all that fancy fretwork. Have you got a new jigsaw as well as a new camera?

  4. Are they real houses? They do look fake. I just love the architecture in your part of the world. So beautiful. xo

  5. The new camera clearly was worth the price! The top photo is so beautiful. The light is perfect, and the peace. Great balance too: the cut tree stumps and the buildings in a direct view on the opposite shore.

  6. P.S. I feel quite guilty conscience to have totally neglected your Skipper's Child story. I promise I will read it!

  7. Thank you my friends. I know I'm not being very regular in visiting or blogging at the moment, but I hope you'll all forgive these sporadic appearances. It's a busy time with the new house, and work and moving all my stuff from the flat whose new owners will move in at the end of the month.

    Still, it's great to see Lannio here again, and hoping you're back for good. Momo, many thanks for catching up sweets, and Margie, thanks to you for always adding spice to my blog! I'll try not to fret so much in future.....fancily or otherwise (is there such a word..hmmm)

    Maria, I'm glad you approve of my choice! Actually, as they go, the camera was not so expensive, which was a bonus. I suppose it's because it's no longer a new model but it cost me less than my last new camera, which was a Kodak and not half as good. That one was stolen a while ago and I've been making do with a second hand kodak since then, so this is a real treat! I love the wide angle facility, and its menus are beautifully easy to navigate through, so I can really make good use of this one.

  8. Magnificent buildings and the pictures are so clear!..

    Happy easter bunnies to you and Koos. Do not work too hard, have some relaxation in your new home..

    Neil's on his way from work now, nice long weekend..whey-hey!!..
    Speak soon..

    Love ya xxx


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