Sunday, March 09, 2008

CRAFT moments

No, not what you think! I'm not in the middle of a burst of creative madness, in fact it's quite the opposite. I keep thinking of things to write a blog about and then promptly forget them. In other words I am having several CRAFT moments.

What does this mean? Ummmmm, can't remember.....

Oh yes, that's it - it means Can't Remember a Flippin' Thing..

Well, until things improve, here's a small pic of some peaceful Flanders scenery. I always think of these endless ranks of trees as being typically Dutch, but they are also common in Flanders. They are built on the dykes as both wind breaks and water absorbers, and they give the countryside its own character. I love them.


  1. Hi Val, such again a beautiful Netherlands photo. I love it there. I would and will love to come by your story. I always enjoy you dropping by, that was a good Pete video, it is amazing what you find on Youtube!! And please make sure Sindy makes a post soon, we miss her too.


  2. Hi Vally! Thanks for stopping by. I'm fine - just still having the 'winter's never going to end, is it?' doldrums, I think. This coming week should feel more like spring, finally getting into the 50'sF - about 12 or 14C, I think. Sounds nice!

    Still working on the house, too. I haven't been over to your cottage blog lately (haven't been anywhere, actually!) but I hope you're enjoying getting it fixed up. It really is a beautiful cottage.

    I'll be back around soon. You take care!


  3. Hello Vally - so you have those moments too? My neigbour calls them "Senior Moments", as in ageing brains, but I prefer your acronym.

    Ah, Flanders. I can never hear the word or see aphoto without hering "In Flanders fields the poppies blow ..."

    No poppies in this wintry ploughed field.

  4. Oh Val, bless you!

    I live in one continuous, yet honestly come-by, blonde moment...and it's getting bigger as I grow greyer.

    I am enjoying the photo as i sit and wonder why my scnery has become so hum-drum...
    I always swore I'd appreciate it, no matter what.

    A friend of mine said we should all read a book called "I'm Happy and I Don't Konw Why"...(i think that's what it's called.
    She paid me the biggest compliment by saying she swears I wrote the book...

    But, even though I make the most of any given day, I still wake in the night and dwell upon real things...
    But they do get better during the light of day - as long as I know they are being dwelt with the best I can.

    Oh, where was I?

    Thanks for the restful photo.


  5. There's nothing quite so idylic as trees in winter....lovely photo Vally..

    Dale-it's always darkest before the dawn..I have night terrors too, cept when Neils here I sleep like a log...

  6. Vally I have written you and Dale a very beautiful and tasteful limerick, but it's over at Dale's so you'll have to go and look there.

    Or not.

  7. what a lovely pic, found myself starring at it quite the while!
    I am the master "craft"er in my household!! (teehee)
    Have a relaxing good time this weekend!

  8. Hey ho, Cheryl, we'll have to start a Crafters Anonymous association....except none of us would ever be able to remember who else was a member.hehe.

    Rache, so good to see you and I'll keep dropping by just to make sure you come back again. Grace, you will have to come back to NL for a visit!

    Margie, I think being a Crafter is definitely better than being labelled a senior. And Flanders always reminds me of the Mare of Flanders...poor soul.

    Dale, craft moments can help you forget those hours before the dawn, but as Gypsy says, that is always when things seem darkest. The light of day takes most fears away!

    Gypsy, I love trees, and always have. I'm very sad now that the big storm we had last weekend blew down one of the trees in my garden that I wanted t keep. It looks rather bleak without it now, so I'm off to the Garden centre to find a replacement. It'll take a few years though...sniff.

    And Cheryl, back to you, I can also gaze at these scenes for hours too..special aren't they?

  9. Hi, Val!

    Thanks for your fine visit to my blog. I love friends. Hi, Koos! He is great too.

    --Dan L.


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