Saturday, January 19, 2008

To Paris and to Margie!

I've been keeping this quiet for a wee while, but today was the day we'd been waiting for and it finally came.  This morning, we, being Koos and I, made a mad dash to Paris so that we could meet the marvellous, lovely and beloved MargieCM of blog fame, together with her absolutely gorgeous family. It was a truly special, once in a lifetime meeting. We could have known them all our lives, but in fact had a bare six hours together - six hours filled with warmth, laughter, serious discussion, camraderie and genuine friendship that will last six times six hundred of those hours at least.

The pictures below are just a few of those that were taken at the apartment Margie, her truly lovely Colin and the fab four offspring are sharing close to the Marais district in Paris. I'll publish a few more of the others in another post.

Colin, the adorable Emma and Margie laughing....

Colin, Margie and Koos laughing.....

Moi, Colin and Margie...seeing sights on a long and much needed post lunch walk
Koos, M and C doing the same in the Place de vosges.......while considering Colin's indispensible map book.

We spent most of the afternoon walking, taking in the canals and boats (well, this is us after all!) and enjoying the Parisian atmosphere. We finally ended our tour back at the Gare du Nord, where Koos and I jumped on the train and headed back to Rotterdam, replete with good food, good company and warm memories of a day we wouldn't have missed for the world. Thank you Margie and Colin. Have a wonderful week in Paris and a safe journey home. We miss you already! xx


  1. Val you are oh, so very lucky!!
    ...and you did a great job of keeping it under your hat.

    I do remember Margie mentioning a trip to Paris and I know she has gone on holiday till the end of January.
    I should have put two and two together.

    The photos say it all. Fun, laughter and camaradarie! It must have been a very special six hours.

    I also feel very honoured that my name came up, as well, and I do look forward to the chance to meet my wonderful blogger friends! We have already shared so much over the past couple of years.

    If it wasn't for Pete Townshend, where would we be now?
    I always knew he had a n immense impact upon my life, but never would I have imagined making such wonderful friends through him.

    One never knows where life will take us!

    Take care.

  2. BTW how long a trip is it from Rotterdam to Paris?

    It all sounds so very romantic to me!

  3. Hi Val,
    How fantastic that you managed to slip away for a day in Paris and how envious I am that you have such a small continent that you can just "hop" over. Reading your account reminded me so much of the time Austin and I spent with you in Rotterdam- next time (which is coming in 2009, I am promised) we will stay longer!

    I'm so glad you all had this special time with Margie and her family, and thanks for sharing the photos and day with us.


  4. Hi Dale, re Pete, you surely noticed fab Emma's T-shirt
    ? Who else's daughter was called Emma?

  5. It is just a crow's fly away from here, 375km as the stone throws ;-)

    The trip takes 3 hours, part of the way the train goes 300km/h, and that is pretty impressive, especially if you watch the traffic on the A1 virtually rolling backwards.
    See this example or try the view from the engineer's cabin

  6. So, at 300 kmph the train ride took roughly 1.5 hours?

    That's amazing! Passenger trains are becoming things of the past here. They stopped running Via Rail through the Rockies via Banff about 15 or more years ago. They are more popular as a mode of comuting in the larger centres, though.

    Europe must be riddled with rails...

  7. And yes, I did notice the t-shirt, but didn't figure the names Emma into the equation...

  8. Hey, isn't this Val's Blog?!

  9. Hi Val,
    How is the writing going, by the way? I'm looking forward to more of your fiction, although I can well imagine how busy you are.

    I've added a new chapter, by the way. What a struggle it is to steal the time from all the other obligations.


  10. Hi Val,

    Your posts are beautiful poetry! I just can't put it any other way.

    We still have to meet in person my dear. Maybe I can can pursuade my girlfriend to go to Europe with me someday.

    All the Best! Ed

  11. Hi Val,

    How special was that. From around the world, bloggers meet. I had some tears well up. Guess, just sentimental me. And Em has a Who shirt on!! Noticed that one! :)

    Ah, I hope to meet all of you some day, who knows.

    Glad you all had a great time.
    take care, xox

  12. Hi dear bloggy friends. I'm really busy at the moment, so haven't had tome to respond to you on your own blogs, but just to say thanks so much for these comments. It was fantastic to meet Margie. She is a truly lovely lady and everything that her blog suggests: witty, warm, wise, elegant, gracious and eloquen. Koos thought she was a knock-out, which is absolutely true!

    We were howling with laughter at one point though as Margie, in a fit of enthusiasm, was reduced to describing one of the beauties of Paris as an 'iconic piece of .......stuff', which just goes to show that words can fail even the most articulate among us at times. Sorry, Margie, that was just so precious!

    And Dale, it actually took us 3 hours, as the train goes at normal speeds as far as Brussles, and only does the 300kpm between B and Paris! We also stopped in Antwerp and Brussels for some minutes. It was great fun though and yes, quite romantic!

  13. Oh duh...I missed Koos' comment on how long it took.
    I need to learn to slow down for the corners, too...

    I am just so glad you all had such a wonderful time!

  14. This just warms my heart. I am so happy for all. Great stories, great times and the greatest people!

  15. Oh, what a great getaway!! I've never been to Paris, and am therefore highly envious. Six hours is just fine if they are filled with the fun and frolick that makes them count! :-)

  16. Dale, Cher and Mary Beth, great to see you here again! I will be buzzing round to visit you as well.

    Blogging is hard at the moment as I have so much work to do, but I really appreciate your warm and enthusiastic comments.

    By the way Anne Marie, you must let us know if and when you are coming over next year, and we'll make some proper plans to spend some time together...It'll be great!


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