Thursday, January 24, 2008

More of Margie and Paris

I promised I would publish some more pics of our wonderful day in Paris with Margie and her fabulous family, so here they are.

In the photos above and below are the rest of the fab four, with Madelaine, her super talented and gentle James and Sophie, the youngest, but looking to be the tallest of the three girls- another sweetie too.

Below, a rather nice pic of the very special Colin.

And an unusual take of 'me and ma friend Marge'.

On to the sights, this is a view of the Place de la Bastille, decorated with several bright young things making use of the open spaces for some skateboarding practice.

I'd never seen the game of Boules played before, but it seems that you can play it anywhere there's a piece of open ground and some sandy soil, as here is a thoroughly informal game being played in the middle of a Paris street.

And of course, being us, the inevitable canal. This one's name I can't recall off hand and Koos isn't here to tell me, but it looked beautiful at dusk with its still surface reflecting the evening light.

I thought Dale might like this one. It's the high speed train that both took us and brought us home from Paris. I'm publishing this, courtesy of Colin (and I hope you don't mind, Colin!), but the train has a name, the Thalys, and is a really futuristic looking beastie.

Then finally, it was time to say goodbye. Also one of Colin's pics, it captures our mood, which was definitely one of fun in the company we'd been keeping.


  1. Wow!, every picture shows what a wonderful time you all had, infact you all look like you have known each other for years!..

    Val, you and Margie look Tres Chic and not out of place in Gay Parié.

    The train is magnifico too..Ooh la la!..

    Glad you all had such a wonderful meet up, the pictures will keep the memories of that day forever in your hearts..

  2. I suspected as much when I saw Gypsy's note over at Margie's. Picture evidence. This all looks very French to me.

    I see that you were even caught in the mirror in one of the photos holding your crystal ball. I hope you (plural) are well.

  3. It does look very French!

    The photo of the canal is lovely - you could be a professional international photographer at this rate!
    Speak of rate, is that the fast train you took to and fro Gay Paris?

    Thanks so much for sharing this all with us. It must have been so exciting!

  4. Tres, tres chic, the two of you! You could both pass as French women, with that fashion sense and flair!

    What great photos!


  5. You guys are all smiles.
    What wonderful photos Val. Looks like you all had a fun time. :)

    have a good weekend.

  6. vallyp:

    You know I love pictures....those you posted were great fun!

    I especially like the later one towards the bottom where it appears to be the offloading of passengers at a space port or something. What planet was that?

    France? Well, I have been listening to "Dominique", that older song by the "singing nun". I know the whole story, but hey, I like the song.

    See ya!

    --Dan L.

  7. Oh Val, I am so very glad you and Margie were able to really meet! And of course Koos too! I hope one day we will all be together... and after all, the difference between a dream that comes true and a dream that doesn't is whether or not you say it out loud... consider it shouted!

  8. The pics are lovely! and the smiles are heartwarming. wish i were there! maybe someday, eh?

    Thanks for sharing,
    wuv & hugs
    cher :^)

  9. Vallypeeee we're back!

    Got home yesterday morning - shattered after a marathon trip home; around 36 hours in transit and at least 24 of them in planes. Erk. I ignored all advice and went straight to bed for a few hours when we finally arrived back. I can't sleep on planes, so I was starting to feel a bit weird and trippy. I mean even more than usual.

    Just a quick visit today to say I haven't forgotten I still owe you at least four photos, and also to thank you for your lovely blogs about the visit and your very generous comments. To everyone else reading this - it was indeed a fabulous and magical day, and Vally and Koos are every bit as edible as you would expect, and then more. Everyone fell in love with them both. I will do a proper blog over at mine on Thursday to tell you more.

    Vally, Colin will be so happy you outed me on that comment about the "iconic piece of .... stuff." He was trying desperately to remember what I'd said because it was such a spectacularly dopey thing to say and he wanted to store it up as future weaponry. I think it's a conspiracy to make me look especially thick. I'm sure I said at least one intelligent thing while you were with us. Maybe not though. Too busy having fun!

    Talk soon ...


  10. Oh Val, these two posts of pictures (and text) gave me such a warm feeling, felt like being there in the spirit! You certainly were and are blessed to be able to meet up like

    I must admit I'm a bit envious too, though: the central European location allows you to dash - madly or not - to somewhere like Paris to meet wonderful people like Margie and her family (not that I find Paris itself insignificant either!). Right now I feel that I want to live in Helsinki for ever and eternity, but the sea does rather effectively prevent dashing. :-)

  11. It was a mini skirt you know...

  12. I am envious, too...

    you know i haven't owned a miniskirt since i was 14

    I do have a couple of tight little mini dresses, though!

    Oh, and yes, I am also envious that you had the wonderful opportunity to meet with Val and Koos!

    Maria, maybe no dashing, but the sea makes for plenty of splashing... of course not in the northern seas during midwinter...

  13. The picture of you and Margie looking all pensive with a touch of mischief on the sette..
    Val is thinking "Hmm, wait till I show everyone the pictures of Margie in her mini skirt"..
    and Margie's thinking "Ckikey!, I hope Val doesn't post those pics of me in my mini skirt!"

  14. Grand merci mes amis! Twas a magnifique day indeed, and Gypsy, a mini by any other name would fit the bill too.....

    No that Margie and her troop are safely ensconsed back in Australia, I feel I should do another post, but it's been hard to let this one go.

    Thanks to all of you for your kind remarks and comments. It really IS one of the wonders of living in Europe - that we CAN just jump on a train and go to another country with another language and culture. I must admit I do love it!


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