Saturday, January 05, 2008

From the Rocks to the Dunes

Last month on the 12th December, we were at this stunning beach on the eastern cape coast of South Africa. It seemed so far and so divorced from my life here in the Netherlands that coming back was somewhat confusing - from mid summer to mid winter is, in its way, as much of an adjustment as the east/ west time lag.

But, never say die is my motto, so on the 26th December, just two short weeks later when we were about as far north as we had been south earlier in the month, I persuaded Koos to take me to the beach near Breskens where he took these lovely winter photos (It's on the Zeeuws Vlaanderen coast of the Netherlands about 15 kms from the Belgian border)

Somehow, the connection with the sea and the sand made sense of the change.


  1. Hi Val,
    I am going through the same warm/cold and east/west adjustments right now. It also seems I escaped from California just in time as they are being hammered with rain and snow in the mountains.

    I love the pictures! You and I have that strong connection to water that I completely understand. Does that mean I have to walk down to the lake to make the transition back to being in the north? The very idea makes me shudder. :)


  2. Ohhh nice, I am aching to get to the ocean but it is quite cold here now, rainy etc. Power still of in CA..three days now!

  3. Hi Val,
    These pics are fabulous! They have an almost 'other worldly' quality to them.

    Here in New Jersey we have a coastline of beaches. Some areas are stunning while others are just ok.

    On the other hand... Newport, Rhode Island has an incredible landscape with wonderful beaches, etc... An artist's dreamscape!

    Thanks for sharing these!


  4. Lovely pictures!. You can see the difference in the weather between the two beaches..but I kinda like the cold sea breeze, it's good for the cheeks!..

  5. Hi Val,

    those are beautiful, love the water. no surprise there. :)
    It's so peaceful.


  6. Oh beautiful photos Val!
    Thanks for sharing them.
    You have a good week and a wonderful 2008 too.
    ONE resolution is to read my favorite blogs and their BOOKS more - including you and Anne-Marie, of course.

    Take care my dear!

  7. Nice pictures of a nice place!
    Happy new yer to you all!

  8. I'm so glad you all enjoyed these pictures everyone. I'm bogged down with work again already, but will be round to see you all before the weekend - I hope!

    Gypsy, wee one, I so hope your brother-in-law is out of danger now. I'm still thinking of you all and sending heaps of positive vibes your way. He needs all your strength behind him. I'm sure your sister is benefiting too from your incredible love and care xxx

  9. Thank you Val, he is being transfered to a hospital nearer home now and making steady progress..

    I've gone on holiday by mistake, so put my blog to bed for a's called being lazy!..
    I'll still be dropping by..
    Don't work too hard now!..xx..

  10. Hi Val,
    stunningly beautiful photos!
    thank you for sticking with me :)
    work hard but play hard too!

    Gypsy darling, i'm sorry to hear of troubles but i'm glad there is progress. Don't be away too long, i miss you like crazy already!

  11. Val!

    I made a comment here yesterday...
    It had to do with "here by the sea and sand" being one thing in common with where you live and where you used to live!

    Where did it go?!

    The blog police must have me in their sights.
    Must rememdy this quickly.

    Very little time at the mo, but I'm always thinking of you.

  12. I am green with envy at the sites you have seen! I'll have to come check them out myself one day.... I'll bring a dinghy! in the meantime, I have posted a plea for assistance on my blog, if you could idle over when you have a spare moment....

  13. Hi Val,

    Can't say that the Dutch variation of the beach and the sea looks very wintery to Finnish eyes, to whom the more normal sight would frozen, white expanse as far as the eye can see and beyond. It isn't that here now, of course, since the winter has only visited for a couple of days so far.

  14. Mo is beautiful, by the way.

    I was able to watch the slideshow at Koos' site - finally.

    You are so lucky.

    i must go now the kids have found me naked but for a towel wrapped about my torso after a much welcomed hot tub under the stars...


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