Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The last ones standing - or rather lying

The pictures above and below are of Koos's and my barge just before we moved out of the Oude Haven. We were the last to leave, and it felt very strange to be so alone there. Itwas a moment worth recording too, as it is very unlikely we will ever be in such a position again. The harbour authorities have now embarked on the big reconstruction, so I'll give an update as soon as there's something to see.

And....this is where we are now....

It's a great spot, in fact, and we rather like it here....hmmmm. We might even be reluctant to leave...who knows?


  1. I've just managed to catch a window in the system..our wireless network has been down mire than up for the last few days, and every now and then we're online, so I took advantage of a moment in time to publich this post....

    Anne Marie! If you see this, could you email me your latest chapters, dear. I'm so frustrated because I haven't been able to download the last ones, and I'm dying to know what's happening!

  2. What, no more snow Vally? You're getting soft!

    It does look rather lovely there though. Aren't you lucky to be able to change your scenery without packing the furniture? You'd need the Queen Mary to fit all my household clutter in I'm afraid. Must get some more boxes together for the Op Shop (that's Charity Shop for you as an ex-Pom I think). An uncluttered house is an uncluttered mind. Not much hope for either with me I suspect.

    Hope the new neighbourhood's nice.
    Love, M x

  3. Hi Val,

    Oh look - a place without snow!! Lucky ducks you are!

    Does it ever freeze up in the winter and damage the barges? (or, I guess, if you didn't move the barge, they wouldn't get damaged, right? As usual, pardon my barge ignorance. *L*)

  4. Hi Val,
    First I do have to comment on Mary Beth. We are not lucky, we love snow. A pity it ain't here!

    So you finally moved. Love the pictures. Recognize where i've parked my bike. Do you really prefer the actual site? What are the chances to stay there and why does it seem better? about your engine?
    Any WHO tickets over there?
    Tell us all about everything.
    Don't blame me for any typing errors. It is late and I have been drinking some wine (red).

  5. I heard tonight that sometimes they change the water in the canals by opening locks and barge owners have to tack that into account by leaving some slack in there mooring ropes. I thought they were pulling my leg but I guess you might know if that was true or not.

  6. Hey mum! Great to see your finally in your new spot... took em long enough! See you tonight for band-practice.. I've been rehearsing :)

  7. He he Margie, if enjoying being without snow means I'm getting soft, then I'l gladly become totally woolly! I hate snow and ice (sorry Erik Jan) with a passion, and prefer to think of myself as ex South African to ex Pom ;-)

    But you're right, it's nice to mvoe and just take your house with you - very handy for a constant roamer like myself! Good luck with the Op Pop collection, dear. I'm not sure whether that uncluttered mind is automatic have no room for clutter on the barge at all, but you should see the junk in my brain ;-)

    Mary Beth, my barge has been around for 110 years, so I guess it's survived a few freezes, but I haven't experienced any myself. Good question though, and yes, I'm very thankful there's not snow (sorry again Erik Jan!)

    And now for you, Erik Jan.....yes, I admit it...again..I HATE, but now you've asked me so many questions, I don't know where to start, so all I'll say is come visit us and see for yourself! You're always welcome, you know that, and I can answer all your questions in full then. Hope you enjoyed the wine ;-)

    Stu, the water in canals is constantly changing. In fact, every time someone uses a lock, some of the water is changed, but they don't empty them...well not on purpose did happen once or twice in Brussels when we were there, and it was rather uncomfortable because we were sitting at an angle on the canal floor, but the fact that the canal was empty was an accident, and we were very relieved when the fixed the fault in the lock gates!

    Dale!!!!! ;-)))))

    Jo, great band practice tonight wasn't it? Thanks for coming pet ;-)

  8. Hey those were some great shots! What colour in the first one!

  9. Hey mama
    Are you now nearer the foating restaurant? Thank you for sending the papers, we received them last week and Craig will be off to apply for his visa on the 23rd march, its getting so close!!!!
    Lots of love to you


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