Monday, April 24, 2006

Tot ziens to my TENACITE

This weekend was tough for two reasons. The first, and most obvious is that it was very hard work hauling furniture and belongings out of my (now former) barge in Belgium. I have finally managed to sell it to a young Belgian man who has become quite a friend in the last few weeks, so I can say with honesty and from my heart that I wish him years of pleasure and happiness on the Ténacité. It is a friendly, homely boat and I'm sure it will embrace him kindly.
The other tough part was saying goodbye to my barge. This picture was taken the weekend I first saw it, and I fell in love with it despite the decrepitude. It's been a lot of work to scrape and paint the hull, strip and sand the wheelhouse and build in a bathroom, bedroom and kitchen, but the result was a boat that many say is beautiful, even though I know it isn't really. The Ténacité has given us three years of wonderful holidays and weekends; endless opportunities to explore the Belgian countyside and towns; countless days of enjoying just being elsewhere on a boat that you can also call home. I'll miss it both sadly and badly, but it was time to go.


  1. Hi Val,
    I can see the beauty of your boat, because it came from all the love and energy you put into it (I am invoking the spirit of Le Petit Prince here, as we are reading it in class at the moment) and I'm sure the young man will care for her well. Can I ask you why you felt it was time to let it go, unless that's too personal?


  2. Hi Val,

    I'm sorry you had a sad weekend! It's hard to let go of something you put so much effort into. I'm sure you'll have loads of fond memories. I know I read somewhere that you have another barge (or maybe I was dreaming...? *L*). Is that where you're staying now?

  3. Hi Anne Marie
    Just checking my blog before bed, and I saw your lovely comment. I'll answer you properly tomorrow as I'm a bit 'pooped' now. Just spent the whole day trying to find homes for all the belongings I brought back with me yesterday!

    And yes, Mary Beth, I do have another barge - here in Rotterdam! You're so alert, dear! :-) That is where I'm staying now and always do during the week. More to you too tomorrow!

    Thanks my friends

  4. Dear Val

    I was wondering if it may have been a tough weekend for you.
    And for all the reasons you mentioned.

    It sounds like you put a lot of work & love into Tenacite.
    She deserves a good home.

    Thanks for sharing your amazing way of life with us!

    The fair was grand!


  5. Hi Val,
    So you really did it. Can imagine it was quite a good-bye. It had become such a part of your life.
    Anyway, your decision and up to a different future. Well at least as far as the week-ends are concerned.
    Do not ever sell the 'Vereeniging' though!! Except to me off-course ;-).
    Love Erik-Jan.

  6. b.t.w. do not know anyone for the concert tickets at this moment.
    Thanks for thinking about me.

  7. Hi Dale
    Thanks for the kind words and sympathy! It was hard to leave, but then I guess that goes for every home we put our hearts into. One of the things I love about blogging is the way we can all share something of our different lives. You have such a terrific world over there in BC and to think of skiing as a daily event is almost unimagineable to us here in Europe, so it's always fascinating to have this glimpse into your lives too. Thanks to all you Canadian friends for showing us a part of how you live. It means a lot to me and, I know this for sure, to Koos too.

    Erik Jan, I promise I won't sell the Vereeniging and if by any chance I do, you'll be the first to know it's on offer!! Thanks to you too and hoping to meet you some day before long.
    love to all

  8. Hi Val,
    Just for you, my most ardent novel supporter, I will post a chapter or so a day for the next week to really drive you mad with the "wannareadmores". Don't say I didn't warn you, but Chapter Four is up today and I'll be true to my word and keep feeding you all week. Thanks for being so supportive and encouraging- you've made me think I want to resubmit the work to publishers again because of your kind words.

    Thanks for explaining why you let Tenacite go; it must have been very hard to do that.

    Looking forward to seeing you in July, hopefully, and chatting in person.


  9. It's always hard to let something go. Especially when you put your heart and soul into it. What a fine quality in a person when they can see the potential in something that is riun down and put forth the effort and perseverence to make it wonderful again. Good job to you for that! Why did you sell it?

  10. Hi Val,
    thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I look forward to reading the concert review. Have a lovely weekend!


  11. Hi mammalamma Oh boy i'm so sorry you had to say goodbye to your tenacite, she was a good barge. I felt very sad reading your blog but i know you will find somewhere special to call home, somewhere on dry land, somewhere where sindybin can run around all day. I've had Craig's parents over for a while so been very busy juggling work and trying to be a good hostess. I fear I'm not as good as Craig. I hope to write more on my blog soon, once i can have a spare minute. Love you lots Your Leetlest


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